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How did you tell everyone you were pregnant?

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cearstaidh Mon 06-Jul-15 12:07:00

I'm not pregnant yet - still TTC. But something got me thinking this morning about how I would tell everyone. This would be the first grandchild on both sides of the family, so everyone would be very excited, we also have some friends that have been expecting us to be having a baby for ages.... so when the time finally comes to reveal it to the world.... we would like an inventive way to tell everyone. So far the best idea I had was taking a picture of our dog with a "I'm going to be a big sister" t-shirt on, or maybe her heading a "mummy is having a baby" kind of book....

What did everyone else do?

cearstaidh Mon 06-Jul-15 12:10:31

reading** not heading!!!

BeautifulBatman Mon 06-Jul-15 12:15:04

Told our parents over Skype/facetime (we live abroad) when we found out. Visited immediate family after we had negative results from anomalies tests. I told a few close friends after that but didn't announce it publicly as such. Seeing scan/bumpies on Facebook etc irritates me so I certainly wasn't about to post anything on there. I think my sister has told more people about it than I have. Dont get me wrong, I'm thrilled to be pregnant, so are my family. I just don't feel the need or expect anyone other than family/close friends to be interested in the news. If they find out and congratulate me that's lovely. But there's no obligation or need.

Gray91 Mon 06-Jul-15 12:15:59

I am currently pregnant with my first. The baby will also be the first grandchild for both sides. We searched everywhere for a onesie that would sort of announce it (harder than we thought). We eventually found one that said 'grandmas little sunshine'. We wrapped it up and gave it to ours mums (each time our dads were there, too) and when they opened it the slowly realised! With DH sisters, it was their birthday the day after so we put in the card love from us and bump. Was incredible seeing the reactions.

Good luck x

Lunastarfish Mon 06-Jul-15 12:51:18

Scan in xmas card, presented Xmas day. But I had my scan on Xmas eve so was just good timing!

Nannynome Mon 06-Jul-15 12:54:25

First time round we gave all the family members mugs with auntie, uncle, grandad etc on them. 2nd time we sent them all a picture of DS1 with a t-shirt saying I'm going to be a big brother and instructions to not open parcel til Christmas Day at 2pm so they all knew at same time.

sianihedgehog Mon 06-Jul-15 13:12:10

Phoned both sets of parents then posted a picture of the positive test on Facebook with a comment that said "so, this is happening" or something. We're neither of us into really twee cutesy stuff, so it worked for us!

HaleMary Mon 06-Jul-15 13:15:47

The twee announcement stuff horrifies me. I was almost 40, we'd been together since we were teenagers, no one expected us to have a child, it was my parents' only grandchild and my ILs next youngest grandchild was 13 - but we just said 'We're having a baby' to both sets of parents on the phone. (Family don't live in the UK.) People were quite astonished enough. One family member drove her car into a tree.

Karelia81 Mon 06-Jul-15 13:18:39

Text messages for my immediate family. DP took a scan photo to his mum's to tell his family. Haven't told many others, a couple of friends by text and facebook messages.

sianihedgehog Mon 06-Jul-15 13:19:22

Halemary no one expected us to, either, as I'm late 30s and not the mumsy type. my mum screamed and then burst into tears - glad she wasn't driving now!!

HaleMary Mon 06-Jul-15 13:28:26

Sian, it's funny, isn't it? You think you've been averagely surprising all your life, and it's getting pregnant that produces total hysteria! My SIL shouldn't have answered her mobile in the car, obviously. grin (She was fine.)

My mother thought we were joking. My younger sister (whom we told face to face) burst into torrents of tears in the middle of a restaurant, and everyone went all hushed because they clearly thought something terrible had just occurred.

sianihedgehog Mon 06-Jul-15 13:33:44

Halemary isn't it? I had a few mates say afterwards that they assumed it was some kind of prank, too!

goodnessgraciousgouda Mon 06-Jul-15 14:15:59

Like a PP I find the twee announcement stuff very American, very tacky, and very vom inducing.

For my husband, I put my head around the door and said "I'm pregnant!" then showed him the test that I had just taken. We had been trying to no big surprise.

For my parents and siblings I texted them that we would have to cancel on a family wedding later in the year, then sent them the scan photograph.

All the dogs/other children holding signs, writing on the belly, "COMING SOON" movie announcement style things are just cringesome.

EdgarAllenPoe Mon 06-Jul-15 15:49:15

I didn't tell my husband I was pregnant - he told me! I peed on the stick, got in the bath and he was the first to find out. Special moment!

This weekend I'll be telling my mother I'm expecting her first grandchild. It's her birthday soon so I'm giving her an early present of some tiny little socks with a note saying, 'these might be a little small for you, but you'll soon meet someone they'll fit.' She collects frogs (random) so they've got frogs on. I hope she'll like it!

I find public, facebook announcements a bit forced myself. I'm sure once my mother knows, all and sundry will find out within 5 minutes anyway!

Cornettoninja Mon 06-Jul-15 16:02:29

Parents and close family by phone, close friends by texting the scan pic and everyone else on Facebook with a scan pic.

I'm over anxious at the best of times so didn't want to turn it into a production..... Dp was chomping at the bit the second I peed on the stick so couldn't be held back from the dreaded Facebook once he had a scan photo.

I know some aren't keen on the scan being used for an announcement, but it generally means everything's as ok as you can possibly be sure it is and its part of the excitement of the day. That said, I do think if you've friends/family who you know are struggling with fertility issues its much much kinder to give them a sedate and gentle heads up before it pops up on Facebook.

babymouse Mon 06-Jul-15 16:48:49

Pinterest and YouTube are great if you would like more ideas.

cremedecacao Mon 06-Jul-15 20:10:54

I'm only 6+3 but I've been telling friends as and when it crops up. I strongly disbelieve in waiting til the 12 week scan to tell people- I would hate keeping it to myself! When I had a MMC I was grateful that people knew what was going on. All our close friends and family already know. They'll be no need for a big announcement later on. Those who we want to know, know! This also avoids upsetting those who are trying and not yet successful.

60sname Mon 06-Jul-15 20:41:59

We told both sets of parents over the Mother's Day weekend (which coincided with the 12-week scan), then close friends over the next week or so. Put a bump shot on Facebook after 20 weeks

Smartiepants79 Mon 06-Jul-15 20:48:30

Well we found out the first time just before Christmas so just told each set of family when we were with them.
Second time I told my Mum and dad as I see them every week and then DH parents a few days later by phone.
I'm not sure I get the point of 'inventive' ways to tell people. Your family will be just as excited and emotional however you telling them and I'd rather someone just looked me in the eye and told me.
Each to their own I suppose. You might want to wait and see how you feel.
I was so sick the first time round everyone had to know very early on as I had to have time off work and cancel all sorts of things.

Appleblossom82 Mon 06-Jul-15 20:52:44

We just told people. My husband kept coming up with various inventive ways to tell people but i felt strongly that would cheapen it and that the news was big enough in itself without making a 'thing' of it.

Gillian1980 Mon 06-Jul-15 21:02:27

We told our parents in person and siblings by phone as they don't live near by.

Then my MIL announced it at a family do against our wishes... wasn't happy about that at all as we were only about 8 weeks. DH went ballistic at her!

We put a fb post up after the 12 week scan to tell acquaintances and just told people as we saw them.

ejclementine Mon 06-Jul-15 22:47:44

When I told my team at work I got so nervous I ended up announcing I was leaving because I was growing a small human, haha. They laughed and it broke the ice.

Bellabutterfly2014 Tue 07-Jul-15 06:03:34

I took my mum a lovely giftbag with some white baby knitting wool in - my mum let out a sqeal and hugged me - first grandchild for my parents - his family on the other hand we aren't close to so he text he!!! By not close I mean she never texts let alone sends cards for birthdays/ Xmas and it took her nearly a week then she text back and said "was it an accident" - I'm 35 my partner is 42 and this baby is very much wanted so we didn't even bother replying to that - we sent that at 12 weeks I'm now 19 weeks and we haven't heard from her since!!!!!!!! Not that we're bothered I just feel sad for my partner. His kids from a previous relationship aged 24, 17, 14 - we took them for a meal and told them and they are very excited and his 2 daughters started hugging us and his son shook his dad's hand and said "it was brilliant and that he was dead chuffed" - the kids being happy meant more to me than his miserable excuse of a mother but you know what they say - you can choose your friends but not your family!!!! Definately true in this case!!!!!!!

Only1scoop Tue 07-Jul-15 06:09:08

Just told them ....first time around 12 weeks. Second time around 14 weeks.

Didn't do any of that kind of announcement thing though. I find it all cringey.

batfish Tue 07-Jul-15 08:32:05

Well we found out the day before we were going on a ski holiday with 7 friends - wouldn't have been able to keep it to ourselves as they would have thought it v odd if I wasn't drinking - so I just blurted it out over dinner on the first night as soon as the discussion came up as to who was having wine! Then because it was SO early (4 weeks) and I was terrified of something going wrong I tried to avoid the topic all week. Shame really because when I finally did relax it was kind of old news so we never got the excitement of announcing to our friends properly. We don't live in the UK so we told friends and family over Skype and those who we are less close to but wanted to know we just emailed them. So we didn't really do a proper announcement or anything cute, I was too nervous in the early weeks when we were telling family etc to make a big thing of it, hopefully if we have another baby after this one we will be more creative! We are into scuba diving (another thing I can't do right now or for the foreseeable future, boohoo) so we had talked about doing a pic of our dive gear and a mini life jacket with a message saying 'new dive buddy coming soon'.....but we never got round to it!

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