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I had a melt down last night.... GA for Csection

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Number3cometome Mon 06-Jul-15 09:56:57

Having my csection on Friday under a GA.

This is my 3rd section, first was an EMCS under a GA, second a spinal block.

I was absolutely fine about this, but then yesterday had a full on melt down, couldn't stop crying or worrying about it.

Hate the fact I won't see OH's face when they hand him the baby (his first baby) and I feel absolutely worried something will happen.

WTF is wrong with me!

weelamb123 Mon 06-Jul-15 10:57:35

Y are u having a GA this time.round?

Nats1014 Mon 06-Jul-15 11:18:43

You're allowed to feel like this. From the moment we find out we are pregnant we imagine the moment our babies are born and when our OH gets to meet them. GA means we miss that so there's nothing wrong with how you're feeling.

I had to have an EMCS with my youngest and cried my eyes out from the moment they told me I had to go under for the CS. I was upset that I wouldn't see her straight away and that I wouldn't see that reaction when my OH met her for the first time.

Ask someone, the midwife maybe, to take photos of when your baby first gets taken into your husband. A midwife was nice enough to take photos for me and it eased that disappointed feeling that I missed it.

Number3cometome Mon 06-Jul-15 11:23:13


I have a full lumbar spinal fusion.


I know how hard it was last time (totally different circumstances granted) but I found it really hard not seeing baby born.

Arghh! It's daft I know and as long as he arrives safely nothing else matters.

Hormones I think.

I will defo ask the midwife if she can take a pic smile

Nats1014 Mon 06-Jul-15 11:33:05

Of course it's important that baby arrives safely but you're still allowed to be upset by things, especially not seeing those first moments. It's natural and your hormones are not your best friend when being a bit upset about something lol.

Yep definitely ask, it makes such a difference!! Hope all goes well for you though smile

Number3cometome Mon 06-Jul-15 11:43:19

Thank you!

I am hoping that I will not be asleep too long as I am keen to wake up and give baby his first feed smile

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