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Too restless to sleep

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S2b16 Mon 06-Jul-15 02:42:38

37 weeks preg, 3rd baby
About 8pm last night I was getting period type pains, odd back ache and pains in legs. Had Paracetamol and warm bath. Went to bed about 930, must have woken every 20 mins till 120, not in pain as such just uncomfortable. Came downstairs and it's like I don't know what I want, just can't get comfortable. Had 3 wees in an hour too. So tired but can't sleep. Any ideas what I can do? Oh the joys

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Mon 06-Jul-15 03:01:37

In almost exactly the same position at 39+6. Have been having pains all night about every 10 mins, painful but nothing to get too excited about. Can't sleep at all so have given up and am on the sofa now. Can't seem to switch off! Frustrating isn't it?

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Mon 06-Jul-15 03:02:12

Ps second baby here.

S2b16 Mon 06-Jul-15 03:16:40

So frustrating angry I hope your pains lead to labour, my pains seem to have stopped all together, I still cant sleep, no idea why, x

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Mon 06-Jul-15 03:22:38

Starting to think this baby is never going to appear!
With my first I didn't have a single niggle/pain until labour started properly. This one I've had so many pains that I don't know if I'm coming or going! Fingers crossed the pains lead to something for both of us. DD will be up in 3 hours so really need some sleep!

weelamb123 Mon 06-Jul-15 05:41:40

Same here, had pains and tightenings ALL bloody night. Almost 38 weeks. Booked in for planned section on 15th so a bit panicky now. Xx

S2b16 Mon 06-Jul-15 07:09:34

I managed to sleep 5-7, hope you two are ok today, this pregnancy malarkey isn't as much of a breeze as people make out (my friend is sailing through hers). All be worth it I'm sure.
Good luck xx

weelamb123 Mon 06-Jul-15 07:19:15

I've now just got up with dh and made his breakfast before he goes to work. Think I kept him awake. I've now developed a really bad cough!!! Xx

GreenBoatRedBoat Mon 06-Jul-15 07:48:35

know how you feel. 38+2 with dc2 and getting fed up of all these pains&tightenings never leading to anything. Just can't relax and feel so uncomfortable. The thought of being late again just makes me want to cry!

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Mon 06-Jul-15 08:13:57

I slept about 4-5.30am. In laws here all day today which makes me want to cry!
I think I preferred having no signs at all until actual labour, much less confusing and stressful than these constant pains and tightenings!

S2b16 Mon 06-Jul-15 09:25:39

Awww wee I'm off to Drs as I am wheezing and coughing too ��had chest pains on and off for a few days so figured I best get it looked at Incase any of these pains do lead to something, which isn't looking likely,
Awww bless you all, it is frustrating, I didn't have any of these pains/Braxton hicks when pregnant with my other 2 so I get excited then disappointed, hopefully we'll all have sleepless nights for a cute reason soon xxx

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