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Boobs: why do some women's go massive and others don't??

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u32ng Sun 05-Jul-15 21:34:31

I was looking on Pinterest for maternity style ideas and some of the pics showed women in cute outfits that I would like to wear but would look ridiculous because my boobs have gone massive compared to what they were!

And yet the ladies in the pics didn't have massive bazongas envy

Do some women's boobs just sort of stay the same in pregnancy??

cathpip Mon 06-Jul-15 07:51:24

Yep, it's the same as some women not putting on any weight apart from baby and others like me getting to the size of a hippo! I seriously do not look good with all the water retention.............

coneywonder Mon 06-Jul-15 08:06:40

I swear my boobs have gone smaller. My bump is massive and I was a size 16 before hand so I'm not small but my boons have gone saggy and horrible!

BikeRunSki Mon 06-Jul-15 08:12:33

My boobs didn't change at all, before or after either pg.

milliemanzi Mon 06-Jul-15 08:25:33

Yeah SO many maternity dresses seem to be high necked, I'd look like such a frump if I wore them, mine were already ample but they've gone up 3 sizes now, it's costing me a fortune in decent bras aswell.

My sister's boobs don't change at all, guess it's just one of those things!

Skeppers Mon 06-Jul-15 08:31:58

Likewise, I swear mine have shrunk! Am still wearing all my old bras. Relieved actually as was a 38G to start with!

Haven't had to buy a stitch of maternity clothing either. Everyone keeps telling me I look like I've lost weight (am 35 weeks) with exception of bump, obvs, but I did have a high BMI to start with so it's fine.

I was a bit worried about boobs + milk production but MW said it has nothing to do with size! smile

FuckitFay Mon 06-Jul-15 08:36:25

I had small boobs before (B cup if that) and they grew to a 34FF during pregnancy and a whopping 34H during breastfeeding. When I finished bfing DD1 I had lost a lot of weight overall and they looked like sad little empty sacks and I felt more flatchested than ever. However after two further pregnancies they seem to have settled at a 34DD! I am about a stone over what I was a year after DD1 but I suppose I am lucky a lot of the weight settles on my boobs! However I have gone through an absolute fortune in bras in the last 8 years!

willnotbetamed Mon 06-Jul-15 09:04:26

Mine are enormous. I used to get big boobs before my period too, so much so that I had to wear a huge sports bra for a couple of days each month. I'm 35 weeks with DC3 am dreading my milk coming in - it's more painful than giving birth as far as I'm concerned! My midwife told me last time it's because I have a lot of lymph fluid. Not sure what that means really, but I definitely suffer from big boobitis in pregnancy, and I have loads of milk during bf too.

nicnicspicnic Mon 06-Jul-15 09:11:32

I've normally got very small boobs (A cup) so I was gutted when they didn't change size at all during any of my pregnancies. I'd love a bigger pair, just to try for a few months!!

SoozeyHoozey Mon 06-Jul-15 09:32:25

I was about a 36dd before and now up to a 36g and I'm only 5 weeks! Some is weight gain as I've been stuffing my face but some is also hormonal. They're very sore and my nipples are super sensitive!

Mawsymoo Mon 06-Jul-15 11:07:50

I'm teeny-tiny - an A-cup at a stretch and not a very full one! My boobs get slightly fuller during pregnancy but not much. However they did get a little bigger during breastfeeding (maybe a small B) and I had TONS of milk so it really doesn't mean anything.

It can be crap at the smaller end of the spectrum clothing-wise too - so many maternity dresses/tops are wrap-style or have V-necks and they look terrible on me.

sianihedgehog Mon 06-Jul-15 11:12:25

I have literally no idea what size mine are going to be on any day since being pregnant. They shot up to 36D from 34b in the first trimester, but they're back down to a small B now (35w weeks). I'm not even going to bother buying nursing bras until I've been at it a while , for all I know they'll decide to try for an F cup...

ceebelle Mon 06-Jul-15 19:43:56

I'm lucky so far. I'm 34 weeks, my back has stayed at 32" and my cup size has only gone up one. I was 32GG to begin with and was terrified of how big they would get.
We'll see how gargantuan they become when I start BFing though! :/

lexyloub Mon 06-Jul-15 19:52:30

Mine stayed the same too

Junosmum Mon 06-Jul-15 20:06:25

My mum was a B and stayed a B until bf when she went to a small C then immediately down to a B.

My sister went from an A to an EE and has settled at a D.

I'd like to take after my sister, but I bet I'll take after my mum. It's really weird because we all have the same body shape.

60sname Mon 06-Jul-15 20:11:42

Mine have only gone from a small 34a/b to a large 34c (29 weeks) - but they seem massive to me!Wearing v necks for the first time

HoggleHoggle Mon 06-Jul-15 20:16:33

Mine didn't change either, I was a bit gutted as I'm quite small and have always wondered what bigger boobs felt like.

Bellabutterfly2014 Tue 07-Jul-15 06:14:54

I was a 38b and now at 19 weeks, just got measured at the weekend and I'm a 40d, I'm gutted, I've never had big boobs but they are quite tender already and making me feel huge!!!!!

My mums did the same as mine and she stayed in a c cup so hoping mine don't stay massive but with another 21 weeks to go, there's every chance that they will stay huge - deep joy!!!!! X

u32ng Tue 07-Jul-15 10:17:24

Oh I know! The cost of bras in pregnancy is awful as I will only wear something comfortable aka something half decent which usually costs £25+

I had a reduction many years before dc1 so was horrified with my pregnancy boobs and was very relieved when they went back to pre-pregnancy size about 5/6minths later!!

newbian Tue 07-Jul-15 15:43:37

Mine started growing from around 6-8 weeks, they were already large so things are just getting ridiculous now. I'm about to buy my third round of new bras.

Spog Tue 07-Jul-15 18:59:33

i've always believed that some women, sadly or happily, are what i call "stubbornly flat chested". meaning neither the pill, pregnancy, diet or any other means will ever increase their breast size. they are small chested and remain so all their lives.

likewise there are women who are susceptible to significant breast size increases. just small changes in diet, contraceptives or indeed pregnancy can increase their breast size dramatically.

i, unfortunately, fall into the former category of a 'stubborn' flattie. nothing other than major surgery will ever increase my breast size. i live and will die as flat as a pancake, sadly.

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