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Pelvic pain advice

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gagexbread Sun 05-Jul-15 15:58:45

hello ladies in need of some advice!
I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant and for the past 3 weeks been suffering with bad hip pain, got seen by a doctor who said it definitely isn't SPD but referred me for physio anyway? Still haven't heard back and today my right hip has become a lot more painful than normal. My local early pregnancy unit said I'm more than welcome to go for a second opinion but feel like I'd be wasting their time and resources?
Tia x

coneywonder Sun 05-Jul-15 18:21:54

It could be PGP. The NHS decide to change the name of pelvic pain every 2 years (this came from midwife) from PGP to SPD because they aren't sure what it is or ho to treat it effectively (again that came from my midwife) PGP is pelvic girdle pain and spd is symphysis pubic dysfunction.

I have SPD, all my pain is in my pubic bone, and I was refered to a physio who told me to get a birthing ball and taught me some exercises. That was it.

Someone recommended I see a chiropractor that specialises in pregnancy and I saw her once every 2 weeks (just had last session as due on wednesday) and she made me go from no being to stand at all to being able to walk fine. I'm still in pain but it's no way near as bad as it was. My advice to you would be to see a chiropractor or osteopath if you can.

From speaking to other people the nhs don't really know how to treat it and see it as one of those pregnancy things and although that's true there are things you can do.

gagexbread Sun 05-Jul-15 19:49:06

Thank you! I also have pain in pubic bone but my right hip is the worst pain especially today!

coneywonder Sun 05-Jul-15 20:00:18

Well what happens is the amount of relaxin relaxes your joints and that can cause your pelvis to misalign. My right hip was 2 inches higher than my left when I saw a chiropractor and now it's level. I would 100% recommend seeing one and I wouldn't have even thought about that being a possibility until my friend went blue in the face telling me to go haha

EEvans Sun 05-Jul-15 20:29:01


I'm 25 weeks now and at 19 I started getting a hip pain. Gradually it got worse and worse and more and more of my pelvis hurt. I've now been diagnosed with SPD so I would defo get a second opinion.

The waiting time for the nhs physio was ridiculous so when it was at it's worst after several days/nights of unbearable pain and no sleep at all (couldn't lie down, couldn't sit -total nightmare) my husband just insisted we paid to go private.

Expensive but the best money I ever spent! It's not perfect now and I still really feel it if I spend more than 30 mins in the car or I do much sitting/bending/stretching but it is sooooo much better!

Go and get help as soon as you can. Be persistent. Help sooner rather than later can keep it manageable.

I went to the docs the first week I had it, they just said "take paracetamol, come back if it doesn't go, it's probably a trapped nerve". Three weeks later I went back as it was worse and then a different doc said "oh that defo sounds like you have SPD" It might not be "SPD/PGP" according to the doc now but it might be in a couple of weeks!

I really feel for you. It's an awful pain. I didn't know what it was at first and found it really distressing.

I feel so lucky that we have been able to afford to pay to see someone quickly and not have to wait for weeks and weeks on the nhs. It's such an unfair system.

Good luck with it. I hope it's not SPD! But if it is I hope you get some help soon. xx

gagexbread Sun 05-Jul-15 21:46:48

I will definitely contact some chiropractors and hopefully get this sorted! Can't take 25 more weeks of this pain!

coneywonder Sun 05-Jul-15 22:30:42

It comes in waves. Some weeks it's really bad and some weeks it's okay but I was on crutches before seeing a chiropractor. I walked into her office sobbing and came out not even limping

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