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Pain - Whats Happening - 13 weeks??

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Twinkie Thu 06-May-04 09:24:53

I felt ok when I got up this morning and now I feel awful - terrible cramping pains down below - along my bikini line and actually right down below I've checked and not bleeding or anything but what do I do, go to the doctors, A&E or just stay here at work and hope it passes.

bunny2 Thu 06-May-04 09:28:33

Twinkie, I had the same last night. Said to dh it was like a period pain. I kept rushing to the toilet expecting bleeding but nothing so far. I have put it down to everything stretching to make way for the growing baby. I hope you get some reassurance that it is nothing to worry about.

piglit Thu 06-May-04 09:33:28

Twinkie - it sounds like the ligaments stretching in your uterus and everything moving around. Don't forget that your uterus moves up out of your pelvis at about now so it's probably that. I still get stretching type pains at 18 weeks and even now I sometimes panic. I do usually find that bump has a growth spurt just after these pains.

If you're still worried I'd suggest you go home, put your feet up, relax and call your midwife for reassurance.

maisystar Thu 06-May-04 09:34:50

i had similar pains a couple of weeks later in my pregnancy and obivously panicked at the time but it turned out to be muscles stretching. was v painful. i wouldnt stay at work tho-go home and rest(unless you feel better at work with others around). maybe give mw a ring for reassurance?

Toothache Thu 06-May-04 09:35:01

Twinkie - That sounds like you've got a Urinary Tract Infection. I have had 4 so far this pregnancy!

Take a urine sample to your midwife/GP and let them dip test it. It will most likely show up trace blood and protein... then you'll get a course of antibiotics, be told to drink LOADS of water and will feel 100% in no time.

Alternatively it could be stretching pains if they are sharp shooting pains. You can take paracetamol if they get really uncomfortable.

When is your next appointment? I'd definitely get it checked out coz the last infection I had was allowed to carry on and felt so painful I thought I was in labour....

Incidentally I have never had ANY burning sensations or pain when I pee, which is the sign they keep telling me that will show I have an infection coming. Not with me it didn't....just straight to the lower abdominal pain!!

Twinkie Thu 06-May-04 09:38:45

Thanks all the pain is like period pains so I suppose it could be stretching - I have a scan tomorrow afternoon so may I suppose be better to sit here and see if I feel better - mind you I have told DP and am awaiting the ambulance sirens outside the door any second to rush me off to the hospital!! (he is a bit overprotectiver of me!!)

piglit Thu 06-May-04 09:51:52

Twinkie - go home and put your feet up if you can! Your wellbeing is much more important than struggling on at work IMHO

cab Thu 06-May-04 09:55:45

Twinkie - long time ago but when I was pregnant with dd (now 3.5) remember had excrutiating cramp-like pain the odd time - couldn't move. In retrospect think it might have had something to do with constipation? Get it checked but in the meantime try plenty of water and prunes???

beansprout Thu 06-May-04 09:57:32

Totally agree with Piglit. Again, I have had the same, and again it's the stretching thing. Hope you are ok, this early stage can be so stresful.

Hope you are ok too Bunny xx

SpringChicken Thu 06-May-04 10:03:56

Would agree it is probably the ligaments strecthing Twinkie.

Toothache is right that a UTI feels like horrendous period pains too - i have both the ligament stretching pain and the UTI but would say it is more likely stretching. Not that i know anything about this sort of thing mind.

Would defo just give the midwife a quick call if you are worried.

Mum2Ela Thu 06-May-04 10:23:26

Twinkie - I had this last night as wekk. It was like a sharp shooting pain for a minute or so and then it was like the pain stayed and was an 'afterpain. I was told to sit down by DH at the time but today my (ickle) bump feels kind of tighter, as too do my trousers!

Glad I know what the pain was now.

Hope you are ok.


blossomgirl Thu 06-May-04 17:00:56

Twinkie, hope you are feeling better.

Sounds so much like the "growing pains" that I have experienced on and off too. Mine seem to get quite intense around the same time I would have had a period. Whenever they come they only last a day or so and voila after all that heaving inside my bump grows a notch or two. I've read its a good time to make sure you are drinking plently of water to keep you skin hydrated and stretchy and its quite soothing to massge oil (even olive) around your bump too, promotes blood flow to the achy area and helps relieve the pain. Granted a bit difficult on that one at work tho!
go well tommorrow.

SpringChicken Fri 07-May-04 08:51:21

Hope your scan goes well today Twinkie

BIBIBOO Thu 13-May-04 10:57:37

Oh the joys of stretching pains - I sometimes wake up at night with a sharp pain down my left side (17 weeks now) and always think something bad is happening. Did you get any reassurance from your mw Twinkie? Mine told me this was normal and I'm now terrifying my a-lot-less-pregnant friends by telling them what they've got to look forward to

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