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Please tell me this snoring will stop!!!

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rubyred84 Sun 05-Jul-15 03:18:55

Excuse the hormonal post...currently sat in bed crying as DH has had to go and sleep in the spare room because of my hideous snoring! sad

I'm 34 weeks pregnant with twins and have snored since about week 17 or so. He is so sweet about it and never complains, just gets up and goes into the spare room, but I absolutely hate sleeping on my own and feel quite needy at the moment due to hormones etc. I never snored before pregnant unless ill etc.

Please tell me this will stop once the babies arrive? They will be sleeping in our room and I have awful visions of my husband being able to cope with them crying but having to sleep in the spare room because of my snoring! Or possibly even worse, me waking the babies up all the time sad

Clairejessica123 Sun 05-Jul-15 03:33:46

Hi ruby red, I'm currently pregnant with no 1 so haven't got too much advice other than I'm pretty sure it should stop. I've snored on and off throughout my pregnancy so far and I'm convinced I read somewhere it will normally stop on its own after birth.

Taranta Sun 05-Jul-15 04:15:26

Don't worry rubyred it's very common, this happened to me first time round and is currently happening again at 27 weeks with DC2! Snoring terribly at moment while DH sleeps in spare room (well it's enough to wake myself up FFS!) but it was the same with DS1 and all went back to normal after he was born. That said I don't think normal service resumed for us for a while after DS1 because the night wakings/co-sleeping were enough to push DH to the spare room on many occasions anyway! ��

FastWindow Sun 05-Jul-15 04:28:41

Ah... One of two things will happen- you'll have the babies and stop snoring, in which case great, situation normal.
Or, you won't, but the babies won't know any better/different, and will sleep as well as any babies do, snoring aside.

My DH snores like someone pretending to snore. Kids never wake to that I DO though

avocadotoast Sun 05-Jul-15 04:30:52

It should do smile DH took the piss out of me mercilessly for my pregnant snoring. It's totally stopped now (as has the heartburn, dizziness etc!).

Floppypotato Sun 05-Jul-15 05:18:50

I snored terribly when pregnant. Didn't before and don't now. There is hope.

PenguinPoser Sun 05-Jul-15 05:38:04

Yep same happened to me. I cried too! It got better as soon as I had my dd. hope yours does flowers congratulations on your twins!

cathpip Sun 05-Jul-15 06:37:48

I can wake the entire village with my snoring smile, good news from dh is that it does stop when baby arrives, this is no4, no2 would never have been conceived if he was still in the spare room!

CakeRattleandRoll Sun 05-Jul-15 07:27:47

I'm not normally a snorer, but I certainly was in both my pregnancies. It stopped very soon after giving birth. Something to do with changes to nasal membranes, I think?

May be nature's way of ensuring everyone is used to broken sleep before baby arrives!

mrsmilkymoo Sun 05-Jul-15 08:29:25

I snored terribly when pregnant, even woke myself up with it, but it went when dd was born, thank goodness!

MuddyWellyNelly Sun 05-Jul-15 11:00:37

Consider it nature's way of balancing the world. Usually it's the men who snore, the bastards. grin My DH snores in a comedy fashion, and I've had it for 15 years now. It's only a few more weeks for you so in the meantime could your DH wear earplugs? As for babies sleeping, my mum reassures me she used to hoover under our Moses basket and we didn't wake up.

Gillian1980 Sun 05-Jul-15 11:05:26

Was a light snorer before pregnancy and now at 33 weeks it appalling! I hope it does go afterwards.

DH is wearing some good quality earplugs and is managing fine like that - not resorted to the spare room yet!

But he can't hear his alarm clock so I do have to shake him awake in the mornings.

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