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Advice on anti sickness drugs

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hotcrossbun83 Sat 04-Jul-15 18:56:56

Any advice appreciated!

I'm 11 weeks by lmp, 10 by early scan dates. Have been sick since bfp, usually nausea all day then sick from tea time onwards.

I started promethazine a couple of weeks ago, at first I thought it helped but the last few days have been awful so the dr switched me to prochlorperazine. It's only been 24 hours but I'm really sick, how long should I give it?

I'm also worried that I've hardly kept food down since Thursday morning. Fluids are ok as I can drink in the mornings but I haven't been able to eat. I feel really dizzy and get breathless just walking upstairs. I called the 24hr line in my notes but they said I had to go to a&e if I needed to be seen, not sure that's necessary and really don't want to on a hot Saturday night

mummyneedinganswers Sat 04-Jul-15 19:38:05

I am like you hyoeremesis since 4 weeks and I'm 18 weeks now still committing all day everyday which is shit. I was on ondansetron and ciclysine which didn't stop the sickness but defo eased it I was still being sick but not projectile vomiting all over the house so it just gave me enough time to get to the toilet. Don't worry about baby not getting enough as the little you do keep down will be sucked up by baby anyway. Go back to your go if there not working but there is no quick fix cure for the cmsickness the tablets don't always work ..

Hope your eases up soon and you don't have it all the way through like I am atm...

Here's praying for the day our sickness disappears xx

Fugghetaboutit Sat 04-Jul-15 19:52:01

Go back and ask for ondedestron or cyclizine

chopsface Sat 04-Jul-15 21:45:19

Hotcross and mummy sorry you are both feeling so poorly. Both of you could benefit from talking to the girls in the hyperemesis support thread. They've had every drug going and know the best ones out there. I've been on promethazine for 3 weeks now and I've found it a god send. I take one before bed and one at lunch. Sorry it's not working for you. Hope you find the right meds and feel better sooon

hotcrossbun83 Sun 05-Jul-15 10:19:38

Thanks. I'm pretty certain prochlorperazine is giving me diarrhea so I'm going to stop taking it and call the GP tomorrow

Chops - does taking it at lunch not make you fall asleep? I think promethazine was helping but I had to take it at night and then it wore off for my worst time in the evenings. I tried it in the day once and felt stoned, but maybe I should have given it a few more days?

Sorry you're suffering too mummy! This is my 2nd pg, last time I was only sick until 14 weeks so I'm optimistic but this time has been a lot worse so I'm starting to worry it'll last longer too

chopsface Sun 05-Jul-15 11:37:41

The lunch time dose was making me pretty dopey in the afternoons yes, but luckily I was signed off work. After another week or so I feel much more like myself in the afternoons so maybe the drowsiness wears off or your body gets used to it. I was finding only taking one at night wasn't enough either as I had worse evening vomiting, including throwing my my evening dose once!

I did complain to the GP about the drowsiness and I got tried on cyclizine but I found that made me feel a hell of a lot worse! Totally felt like a zombie on those at any time of day and awful headaches! Took myself off them after only 3 days! Good luck with your dosing :-)

KateRaeganandMichael Sun 05-Jul-15 13:07:46

I get hyperemisis every pregnancy and the only thing that has ever worked was buccastem. Always worked well (well, well enough so that I could eat and have a bite to eat and develop something of an appetite) also anything that helps to avoid hospital and drips is a good thing...

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