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Anyone got any tips for dealing with horrible ligament pain?

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AmberRose17 Sat 04-Jul-15 16:06:13

Hello. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for how to ease severe round ligament pain and also an idea of how long this might last. Here's my story in case it's of interest:

I'm almost 20 weeks and things have been fairly smooth until now. But last night after a long week at work and a meal out I ended up going to A&E and then the labour ward because I thought I must be either having contractions or a kidney infection.

At about 10pm I started getting severe pain in my right hand side - all the way from my lower back round to my groin in front - which meant I couldn't sleep lying down at all. I was also really sick and threw up my entire dinner. I was worried about the baby as the pain felt very close to where I've been feeling movements. The pain is fairly constant but much better if I sit cross-legged or with my knees drawn up in front of me.

I phoned 111 who suggested I go to A&E but on the way there the pain eased when I was in the car. Plus, forgot my preggo book (and an inner London A&E at 1am on a Friday in a thunderstorm is not pretty) so we came home and I managed to get some sleep sitting up in bed (poor DH consigned to the spare room).

At about 6am I woke up, still in lots of pain, and still wanting to vomit (but nothing in me). We went over to the labour ward and were (eventually) seen by some very kind midwives and a doc. Baby's heartbeat fine and strong and no trace of a UTI from the sample. The doc concluded that I have had both a stomach bug AND round ligament pain. She advised I rest and don't do exercise for a few days. Felt a bit embarrassed for taking up their time for some growing pains, but was convinced it was something harmful to the baby!

I've been trying to get some sleep with little luck throughout the day. Paracetamol and a bath helped a bit but as I can't lie down I am sooooo tired but not really able to sleep. Feel sad to be missing out on such a beautiful weekend!

I can't bear the thought of this continuing for the rest of the pregnancy. Have other people had similar experiences? Is the doc right that it will ease in a few days? What has worked for people here who have had it?

Thank you!

soloula Sat 04-Jul-15 18:40:53

Urge tummy bug and round ligament pain! Poor you! sad Hopefully they both start to ease off soon. If the muscle pain lingers then there are a few things that might help...

Can you see a maternity physiotherapist? We have a self referral system in Glasgow and just phone the number at the back of our mat notes to speak directly to a physio for advice and see if we need an appointment. If it doesn't ease off by the end of the weekend then maybe try finding out how you see a local physio. Physio are great at recommending exercises to help and can give you things like maternity support belts to ease the pressure baby may be putting on your muscles.

To make you more comfortable in bed try putting a pillow (or two) between your knees when lying on your side so that your hip and knee are level. If you're getting out of bed try to swing your legs round together rather than one at a time. This helps with most things - try and keep your legs together when you're getting up off the sofa, in/out the car, when turning in bed and so on. You can also try squeezing your abdominal muscles in when doing these things and your core then takes some of the pressure off your pelvis. If you're sitting try to keep your hips higher than your knees so slouching on the sofa will make things worse even though it might seem more comfortable at the time. Gym balls are comfortable to sit on and help with posture. If the pain is bad you can use heat or cold to help ease it so remember ice packs are an option if you feel it's too warm for hot water bottles.

Dr could well be right and it could ease in a few days so take it easy over the weekend and see how it goes. Got my fingers crossed you start feeling better soon.

AmberRose17 Sat 04-Jul-15 19:52:29

Thanks soloula, that all sounds like really good advice. I think where I live you need a referral to the antenatal physio but I am sure I can get one if it carries on like this. I've also dropped a note to my pregnancy yoga teacher who might have advice about stretches and breathing I can do.

Do you really mean keep your hips higher than your knees or the other way around? I have found that it is most painful when my knees are lower than my hips, hence being stuck in front of Wimbledon cross legged on the sofa for the last two hours (could be worse!).

And good ideas about gym ball and using heat/ice. Will let you know how I get on.

caffiene99 Sat 04-Jul-15 20:21:03

This happened to me a week or so ago. I woke up and could hardly walk I was in so much pain and felt really ill.

I took the day off work and threw up that morning. I kept trying different positions but found that paracetamol and a bath helped a bit.

Like you I worried that this would last throughout the remainder of my pregnancy (I was 29 weeks at that time) but the pain eased off the following day and, by the third day, had just about gone.

Lying down with a pillow between my legs helped. It also helped to prop my back up with a pillow even if I lay on my side.

I've been using a Dream Genie pregnancy pillow for the last week and I think that's also helped me wake up feeling less achy than I had been previously

AmberRose17 Sun 05-Jul-15 07:47:54

Thanks caffiene99 I read your message last night and it was so reassuring to hear that it might ease off soon. Actually managed to get a lot of sleep, including some on my side (albeit with a million pillows propping me up) and haven't had the really intense pain since about 2am so fingers crossed. Still feeling achey but hoping it's passing.

I have a dream genii pillow which I've been using already and agree they're good.

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