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There is no room left in my belly!

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RockerMummy184 Sat 04-Jul-15 10:46:49

I know this is obviously a stupid thing to feel/say but I'm having a crappy week, made no better by how crappy I'm feeling so wanted a rant!
I'm 24+3 with twins and feel like there is no room left for them to grow any more!
I am about the same size now as I was at 42 weeks with my little tiny DS and I'm so uncomfortable.
I can feel every little movement, which, although adorable, can be quite an inconvenience (when trying to sleep for example).
I find that sitting at my desk at work is becoming quite painful as there is a lot of pressure on my bladder and my ribs feel like they are going to crack. I have SPD and round ligament pain which is rapidly worsening so taking breaks to have a walk around is no relief as it causes another load of pains.
My (usually tiny) boobs are massive, hot and leaking. The heat is getting to me and I struggle to eat because of heartburn/reflux.
Anyone else care to have a massive whinge!?

rubyred84 Sat 04-Jul-15 11:06:14

oooh yes I will join in. 34 weeks with twins...just in so much pain. hips, ribs, back...its reducing me to tears most days. Have carpal tunnel so my hands are agony in the night/morning, and the swelling I have on my feet, legs and even thighs makes me feel like I'm about to burst. I can no longer walk for more that 5 minutes, driving is becoming impossible, I get out of breath talking and even eating (!) and have had rhinitis since 8 weeks. the heat is making everything feel worse!

BUT.....despite all of this, its worth it. making 2 people is hard on the body, so its no surprise we are struggling. I would put up with 100 times more for them, I just keep trying to focus on that as I could down the days/weeks!

by the way, if you are in lots of pain at work, go and see your doctor sooner rather than later. I have a desk job, but due to rib flare and SPD couldn't sit in my chair for more than 5 mins without being in pain. in the end I was signed off at 27 weeks.

Dani240 Sat 04-Jul-15 13:18:18

Me too! 33+5 with twins and it's pretty much unbearable! My skin is so tight and sore and my ribs ache constantly with the strain!

The heat has made my hands and feet swell up so badly that I feel like the skin is going to burst, and the carpal tunnel makes my hands ache constantly - and the carpal tunnel has made it impossible for me to open a cold refreshing can of Pepsi Max to cool off!

Also can't eat anything because there is literally no room in me for food! And when I eat anything I feel unbearably full for hours!

Not to mention that the pressure in my pelvis is so bad that I am nearly in tears trying to get out of bed in the night!

Rant over, I promise!

You're not alone. These twins better be bloody adorable after all they've pu us through!

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