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Pregnancy weight loss tips

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pixiestixie84 Fri 03-Jul-15 23:45:20

Hi all,
I'm currently 27 weeks with dc2 and I have gained a huge amount of weight! I was pretty small with dc1 but this time I seemed to have piled it on pretty much everywhere and it makes me miserable looking at myself in the mirror. Does anybody have any tips on curbing excessive weight gain in the third trimester, or even improving the situation?! I know that this is pretty vain but it really is bothering me.
TIA smile

Artistic Sat 04-Jul-15 00:02:01

Keep yourself active, keep exercising - swimming or whatever you've previously done. And eat sensibly - healthy, clean food...don't eat high carb junk just coz you can. But remember you will lose a major part of it on the day of delivery coz a lot of it is water.

Artistic Sat 04-Jul-15 00:03:43

I also found that not napping in the afternoons kept my weight gain under control. Not sure if you are but I did with DC1 and I ballooned! With DC2 I didn't even get to sit down much & weight gain was moderate.

Hophop987 Sat 04-Jul-15 02:28:02

Healthy diet. Limit carbs and eat more fruit and veg. I gained so much weight with my DC1, but I was craving sugar and couldn't control myself. Luckily this time with DC2 all I'm craving is salads and the weight gain has been minimal. I only wish my sweet tooth wouldn't come back after birthgrin

pixiestixie84 Sat 04-Jul-15 12:18:37

I am trying very hard to be healthy (now...) but find it much harder to exercise this time around with a little one! All good, sensible advice so far, thank you x

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