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Where is my nesting instinct? When did yours appear?

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FeelTheNoise Fri 03-Jul-15 19:50:04

I'm looking forward to that rush of enthusiasm, but right now I cannot be bothered to do much!
When did yours appear? I can't remember when it started with DS1 (18 years agoblush) but I do remember not letting a little thing like being huge from stopping me from cleaning like a mad woman grin

SirChenjin Fri 03-Jul-15 19:50:59

4 pregnancies, 3 babies and 0 nesting instincts here grin

LostSoulsForever Fri 03-Jul-15 20:36:59

Mine keeps coming and going and has been like that for the last few weeks. At 36 weeks I cleaned the house from top to bottom, tonight, at 38 weeks, it is back to being a dump & I haven't even got the energy to put my shoes away.

Skeppers Fri 03-Jul-15 20:38:51

35 weeks, no instinct to do anything other than sit in the garden with bottles of chilled alcohol-free lager and my feet in the paddling pool!

Puffykins Fri 03-Jul-15 20:41:55

Mine was approximately 38 weeks in length for the duration of both pregnancies, when I compulsively shopped for pouffes, cushions and Liberty-print cot bumpers. I totally over feathered my best....

SweepTheHalls Fri 03-Jul-15 20:42:46

When I threw a hissy fit over needing a Dyson because the house was' crunchy' at 38 weeks!

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Fri 03-Jul-15 20:43:28

39+4 with my second and am convinced the instinct is a myth!

DragonsDontFly Fri 03-Jul-15 20:44:10

Never, though I was cleaning the skirting boards at 39 weeks, just to try and get the baby out.

FranBrodie Fri 03-Jul-15 20:46:19

T minus 9days, just before my waters broke!

StrawberryTartYum Fri 03-Jul-15 20:48:12

Mine never appeared! I kept waiting for it to kick in, particularly once we moved house and I went on maternity leave but it didn't happen. I planned on a deep clean in the last few weeks but DS appeared three weeks early so that scuppered those plans!

RaaRaaTheLion Fri 03-Jul-15 20:48:54

26 weeks! My house was immaculate and I did some crazy thing eg hoovering my fridge and toaster twice daily, only using apple scented cleaning products and deep cleaning my toilet every morning blush

HaleMary Fri 03-Jul-15 20:52:39

Myth, going on my own experience and those of my friends. I went over a fortnight overdue with my son, having had to go on maternity leave early, and I spent everyone of those weeks cramming in as much theatre, cinema and concerts as I could fit. 'The baby's room' was still only a concept/a small, empty room with a cot when I brought him home from hospital...

Mulligrubs Fri 03-Jul-15 20:58:20

With my DS, who was born at 37 weeks I got no nesting instinct whatsoever. This time around I am around 22 weeks and I am obsessing over decluttering and creating more storage cleaning instinct at all grin so yeah defo a myth IME!

FeelTheNoise Fri 03-Jul-15 22:48:05

I forgot that I'd started this thread grin

There's possibly no hope for my nesting instinct then? grin Excellent, I'll just keep my puffy feet raised until September grin

contractor6 Sat 04-Jul-15 07:11:27

Mine started yesterday, started deep cleaning kitchen, then fell asleep in afternoon, was exhausted!

CactusAnnie Sat 04-Jul-15 07:13:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ARV1981 Sat 04-Jul-15 07:15:44

Mine started a couple of weeks ago... bought the whole cleaning aisle of the 99p shop and went to town! House now looks lovely. I also made husband clean the oven grin

Nursery needs a lot of work, but I've got time!!!

crje Sat 04-Jul-15 07:19:35

4 kids , no nesting

NoMontagues Sat 04-Jul-15 09:16:28

Not a myth IME, with DD I cleaned the tops, sides and insides of all fitted wardrobes in the house confused at about 38 weeks. I was like a mad woman doing it too.

With DS, I got up out of bed at about 1am one night, went down to the utility /garage and started pouring bleach everywhere. Cleaned like mad for about 2 hours then back to bed. Had DS a few days later.

Shootingstar2289 Sat 04-Jul-15 19:21:26

I've always been a clean freak but I'm 39 weeks and been driving myself crazy for a few weeks doing more OCD cleaning than I already do haha.

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