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Mrsrsw Thu 02-Jul-15 22:31:03

Hiya, I've just joined - got my positive test today after about 12 months of trying, ive had a nightmare with irregular cycles so I was stunned to say the least to get a positive smile

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and look forward to chatting to you x

Appleblossom82 Thu 02-Jul-15 22:33:49

Congratulations! We were trying 11 months so i know how you feel! Fantastic.

Make sure you get some pregnancy vits if you dont have some already flowers

Cheshirehello79 Thu 02-Jul-15 22:34:11

Congrats and welcome :-)

Mrsrsw Thu 02-Jul-15 22:36:29

Im trying to get my head around what I need to take - trip to boots tomorrow I think!

Appleblossom82 Thu 02-Jul-15 22:37:48

Most important is folic acid and vit d. They are included in usual pregnancy vits. I take sanatagen mum to be.

MummyPiggy87 Thu 02-Jul-15 23:14:04

Aw welcome and congratulations thanks

CalypsoLilt Fri 03-Jul-15 09:25:57

Congratulations!! Spring baby 2016 like me!! flowers

bunny85 Fri 03-Jul-15 12:21:05

Hello and congratulations!thanks

staceyr23 Fri 03-Jul-15 18:28:26

Hey congratulations...also new joined up today 4 months got spring baby mines a winter one

MrsAukerman Fri 03-Jul-15 18:29:58

Congratulations. If you have worked out your due date head over to the antenatal clubs topic and you should find everyone due the same month.

MrsAukerman Fri 03-Jul-15 18:31:05

AuntieStella Fri 03-Jul-15 18:32:21

If you want to chat, mosey over to: where all the pregnancy chat threads live, mainly by due date.

(when you realise how many, and how active they are, you'll see why they're all in a topic of their own - so that all other PG Stuff doesn't get swamped)

And congratulations flowers

AuntieStella Fri 03-Jul-15 18:33:12

Sorry - slow typing contribution to all that x-posting about chat threads!

Mrsrsw Sun 05-Jul-15 22:03:36

Thanks everyone! X

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