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Anyone else wide awake - far too hot!!!!

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Bellabutterfly2014 Thu 02-Jul-15 02:21:08

Hey, anyone else wide awake? I'm absolutely boiling - just had a cold shower and 2 paracetamols as I've got a banging headache too - I'm only 18weeks so big hugs to the ladies who are nearly or who are full term!!


gemsparkle84 Thu 02-Jul-15 02:28:52

Hello Bella. I've just had to go and sweep a lovely little hedgehog away from my dogs kennels as they woke up (and the neighbours) up to let me know is was there! Now I'm back in bed worrying about it being thirsty and considering going to put some water down. Anyway yes it's far too hot! It's finally cooled down outside though... The kennels I bet would be cool!!!! Sorry to hear you have a headache.

coneywonder Thu 02-Jul-15 02:31:12

I'm awake. 39 weeks and 1 day and I am literally melting. I cannot cope haha. I'm actually praying for rain and cooler weather after what was the biggest thunderstorm ever before!

diploddycus Thu 02-Jul-15 02:33:50

Hello! DS1 woke up earlier because his nightlight had switched off so now I can't get back to sleep. Husband is also snoring away beside me, the smug bastard angry

coneywonder Thu 02-Jul-15 02:38:42

So is mine but I'm literally sweating my ass off I've just had to come and sit in the babies room starkers with the window open. I just want to sleeeeppp

S2b16 Thu 02-Jul-15 02:44:33

I've came downstairs, eating ice pops with a fan directly on me and far too hot 36+3 sad

Bellabutterfly2014 Thu 02-Jul-15 02:51:40

Hey ladies - thought I wouldn't be the only one awake. My partner is fast asleep too but I'm just soooo hot.
Worrying about work later I'll be exhausted!!!!!

I can't wait for this heatwave to pass either - bring on the rain to clear the humidity - what a typically British weather comment!!!!

ARV1981 Thu 02-Jul-15 03:21:34

I'm awake too.

Husband is cross with me because my screen is shining on his face... why doesn't he just move his face. I can't twist!!!

Feeling rotten in this heat. I wore a sundress yesterday (stretchy, non-maternity one) to work, and got told I was 'brave' for wearing it. It did make me look ridiculous with my massive bump, but I needed to be in something cool! Met my mum for lunch who was nice about it. God bless mums!!!

Wishing for rain too! Lovely cool rain.

What I really want though is sleep!

WiIdfire Thu 02-Jul-15 03:25:00

40+1 here. Spent several hours yesterday sitting in a bath of cold water.
Until I Couldn't get out.
Which was awkward.
Managed it finally otherwise would have been stuck until husband came home!!

Dailylurker Thu 02-Jul-15 03:31:42

I'm awake,
I have the fan on so it's not the heat, if seems to be hayfever as the chosen sleep stealer tonight!

Oh and I'm 32 weeks here x

weelamb123 Thu 02-Jul-15 03:35:07

37+1 and awake AGAIN......not too hot but uncomfortable xx

LovelyWeatherForDucks Thu 02-Jul-15 03:39:57

36 weeks and awake too - partly because DS (2.5) woke up hot and bothered at 2am and finally seems to have gone back to sleep - argh! Tomorrow is first day of maternity leave so at least I can sleep once I've taken him to nursery. Zzz!

SavoyCabbage Thu 02-Jul-15 03:42:51

You could try putting a wet towel over you or under you.

If it's colder outside than inside, open all the windows and curtains now.

If you have a fan, you can stand something frozen in front of it to cool the breeze.

happygojo Thu 02-Jul-15 03:51:02

I'm awake and have been since before 1am. Thankfully my OH Is in the spare room. 34+3 and my main issue seems to be restless legs syndrome, as well as the heat.

So tired.... Just can't sleep! Just had a cool bath

Deedeecupcake Thu 02-Jul-15 03:52:30

I'm not pregnant, but I am wide awake so I can only sympathise with you poor people.
Am currently lying on the kitchen floor as the tiles are the coolest thing in the house

ScorpioMermaid Thu 02-Jul-15 04:11:25

I'm 38+3 weeks. Couldn't get to sleep til about 1.30 and ive been awake since about 3.10 sad dh is snoring away and our nearly 2 year old DS is in our bed too. I've lathered myself in water and got the fan on. Not really working. ill be a puddle by morning.

DulcetMoans Thu 02-Jul-15 04:36:21

I'm up. I'm hot. I'm not really sure where to go from here!

39 weeks today, heat has been bad tonight and worse than the rest of the week. Then I wake up and think about having a baby and feel even worse - it's a bit terrifying!

TheOddity Thu 02-Jul-15 04:56:52

Woke at 5am. Combo of hot, needing a wee, toddler usurped my bed space and yes, just pregnancy!!

TheOddity Thu 02-Jul-15 04:57:37

Must say I'm an hour ahead! UK time 4am!

coneywonder Thu 02-Jul-15 11:49:16

dulcetmoans your due the day after me! I'm also waking up scared every day! We can do this!

Cheshirehello79 Thu 02-Jul-15 12:06:18

I've been awake all night had to open every single door and window to let air in but nada. Nearly had a shower but thought would distrurb so just stripped. I'm 18 weeks and it was just a nightmare. When I managed to snooze off a bit had the worst vivid nightmare that my work colleague was trying to strangle me and the baby ( don't ask!) so woke up and that was it then .

Roll on 4am/ 5am/ 6am/ 7am thank God I can work from home so had a late start with the worst banging headache, and bit of hay fever .

I'm taking half a day annual leave to catch up with some sleep !


DulcetMoans Thu 02-Jul-15 12:13:02

Hopefully you're right coney! I am thinking I would be happy for the baby to just stay put forever at the moment, less scary!

I came downstairs after than message just before 5am. Opened the patio door and was lovely and cool outside. It's a nice temperature in the living room now!

EdgarAllenPoe Thu 02-Jul-15 12:14:56

I'm only 12 weeks but I suffered last night too. It was a relief when 6am came and I could stop even trying to sleep.

This made me glad I'll be having this bean in January. I'll eat my words when we inevitably get snow and the whole country shuts down while my waters break and we're stranded.

NKfell Thu 02-Jul-15 12:33:18

What a night!

I'm 39wks so a big puddle of sweat but then at 2am I heard 2yr old shouting me- she wanted a cuddle because she was too hot. It started with thunder and lightning so 6 yr old was then wide awake (and v sweaty).

DP was fast asleep but, I thought he was missing all the fun!

Yes be careful Edgar I had a baby in November and it was icy. Icy roads + nervous DP + labour = very dramatic journey to hosp at about 4am!

ScorpioMermaid Thu 02-Jul-15 19:13:39

I had a nice couple of hour sleep on the sofa this lunchtime to refresh myself. Patio doors were open and a nice breeze was blowing. Lovely! Hopefully it's better tonight!

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