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Any on with gestational diabetes getting lovely low readings in this heat?

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Mummytogoldie Thu 02-Jul-15 00:18:54

I am 31 weeks and have had gd since 16 weeks, I am on 2 metformin a day and keep being threatened with insulin, sugars have always been all over especially after breakfast. However since the heateabe began I haven't had a reading over 6 smile anyone else? I am thinking do I dare eat a cornetto smile

bunny85 Thu 02-Jul-15 00:53:22

Hi, I've got GD diagnosed at 16 weeks as well, taking metformin and insulin at night too. Interestingly I've been getting higher readings since the heatwave started! I never actually thought it might be related... Mmm not sure about the cornetto though, may not wanna risk it especially if they are getting under control now! However if you walk or exercise for at least good half hour afterwards you might just get away with it! Works for me almost always. Good luck!

smicha Thu 02-Jul-15 08:19:13

Oddly mine are higher in the heat, and I'm drinking so much water I was hoping I'd be washing the sugars away! On the ice cream front, there's a fantastic group on Facebook for GD mums and the group founder has researched all ice creams to see which have least carbs... mini milks are the best apparently! If you want to have a look search for Gestational Diabetes UK Mums in Facebook groups. It has helped me loads!

changingagain Thu 02-Jul-15 08:41:40

I've had my lowest readings yet this morning despite eating and excising as normal. I hadn't thought it could be the heat.

quesadillas Thu 02-Jul-15 08:47:53

Mine are edging up slightly, but I think the diabetes is gradually getting worse, as it did last time.

I'm desperate for ice cream. No high readings at all in the first six weeks, so I suppose I could treat myself, but for me it'd be a slippery slope.

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