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Did your choice of antenatal vitamins affect morning sickness? Poss TMI.

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Rollermum Wed 01-Jul-15 09:46:07

Just that really. I have been on pregnacare for a while and felt pretty sick and got diarrhea. (Sorry).

Googled this and found it could be Pregnacare so switched to Boots cheapy Folic Acid and Vit D and felt a hell of a lot sicker.

Trying to figure out if is just fluctuations or brands. Any recommendations? I am 11+4.

CalypsoLilt Wed 01-Jul-15 11:49:08


YES!! I found this. I am 7+3 and I didn't want to take a multi-vitamin because I wanted to take Floravital liquid iron and didn't want to overdose. Instead I had separate Folic Acid, Calcium with 5ug of Vit D, plus Vit D 20ug. (All from Veganicity via Amazon).

I was VERY ill and was off work for 2 days; so I stopped taking the Calcium and Vit D and nausea stopped within 24 hours.

I discussed with my midwife; she wasn't overly happy about me not taking Vit D but I said I would start again in my 2nd trimester.

I wonder if it's too much Vit D that's made us sick?

CalypsoLilt Wed 01-Jul-15 11:50:11

I should also say, my niece had exactly the same with her pregnancy (gave birth to her second on Sunday 28th) when taking multi-vitamins; she found they made her really sick so just took singular folic acid.

Hope this helps.

EsmereldaPB Wed 01-Jul-15 11:54:40

In my 1st pregnancy I found that pregnacare made me feel sick so just swapped to folic acid tablets (& just took folic acid for my next 3 pregnancies)

Rollermum Wed 01-Jul-15 11:56:29

Oh I hadn't thought it might be Vit D.

Thanks for sharing everyone. I think I will try just folic acid for a bit and maybe alternate with the Vit D ones.

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