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Does breast tenderness come and go?

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warriorbot Tue 30-Jun-15 18:10:09

Finally pregnant after three rounds of IVF and am turning into a paranoid fruitcake (I hope!)

My breasts were really sore and swollen for a few days both before and after I got my BFP. But now, at 5 weeks, they've stopped hurting and seem to be deflating...

Anyone been through this and gone on to have a successful pregnancy? Is this usual and should I count my blessings that my tits don't hurt?

AmberRose17 Tue 30-Jun-15 19:35:24

Definitely been through this. Huge and sore boobs before I even knew I was pg. So after I found out I went for a bra fitting (at about 5 weeks). Next day, no pain and back to normal - got paranoid it was all over. But soon pain returned intermittently for most of 1st trimester. Now nearly 19 weeks and occasional pain but nothing like first few weeks. Think it's to do with hormones. Good luck!

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