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Bleeding in early pregnancy

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Nic2248 Tue 30-Jun-15 09:22:38

Hi, I just joined to here people's thoughts on what is happening to me. I had an ectopic pregnancy 3 months ago and had to have methotrexate afterwards. After the three months we tried again and got pregnant straight away so I am now about 5 weeks. Due to history we had early scan and were so happy to hear sac was in womb and just needed to go back for another scan to check ok. However this weekend I started bleeding...dark blood and just small amount on underwear and some on tissue. It has got heavier though and at times is bright red. Hospital said they can't do anything and no point bringing scan forward as May still show sac even if something gone wrong. Don't have scan until next Tuesday so wait is agonising. I am sure it is bad news as bright red blood at times and getting heavier rather than getting better. Also have cramps at times. i am also worried as I don't know if should be lying around doing nothing (would it make a difference) ...practically impossible with a toddler. And while work are very understanding I don't think I can stay off for weeks. So scared confused

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