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early labour??

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fayemarie1985 Mon 29-Jun-15 22:34:10

Hi all. I'm wondering whether things just could be moving along to the point of meeting my ds3 very soon :-)

So for the past week, I have felt utterly shattered, generally grumpy and completely unmotivated to do anything. Until today..... no aches and pains, no sudden desire to sleep. Admittedly, I wouldn't exactly say I've been cleaning the house but I do feel pretty lively.

Was very loose this morning (sorry tmi) and I've had lots of pretty strong bh this evening with a definite increase in discharge and my boobs have suddenly become sooooo sensitive and sore. Last time I saw the midwife she said only 2/5 of his head could be felt and I'm pretty sure I've dropped more since then.

I lost my mucus plug about 2 weeks ago, I've had no "pink" shows and baby is still lively as ever.

Too many conflicting symptoms. I'm 37+2 with number 3. Ds1 overdue and induced, ds2 born naturally at 40 dead on.

What do we all think :-)

Mamamia321 Mon 29-Jun-15 23:43:04

It's so hard t say isn't it? I am 38 weeks and hav had two fals alarms in
Last few weeks. Was sure it was all systems go then nothing. Have had bit of a show, front an back pain, cleaning obsession. They come when they are ready don't they! Good luck.

fayemarie1985 Tue 30-Jun-15 07:15:54

Good luck to you too :-) so frustrating. Just wanna meet the little fella and every time something different happens I get really excited, then nothing. Busy day today so maybe that will spur things on a bit ;-)

Number3cometome Tue 30-Jun-15 10:25:16

37+2 here, only had one labour (DS) which I went into labour at 39+5

DD was an ELCS at 38 weeks so no idea what this one will do.

I am booked for a c-section at 39+2 but have had a couple of days now with very regular BH's (Friday & Saturday)

Back to irregular BH's now.

I do feel full of energy though, so clearly nothing is happening ha!

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