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Huge varicose vein- help!

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ChampagneBabyCakes Mon 29-Jun-15 21:16:01

I'm 27 weeks pregnant with my third. When I came home from work today, I noticed a huge, long bulging, blue vein starting at the very top inside of my thigh and running down to past my knee and halfway down my calf. My leg was throbbing during the day while at work.
Since getting home I have elevated my leg. The swelling goes down while it is elevated, but returns within minutes if I stand up.
I can't get a doctors appointment until Friday.
I'm looking for advice on what to do until then. Thanks in advance.

purplecat27 Mon 29-Jun-15 22:54:38

Swollen veins in one leg can be a sign of DVT. I'm not trying to worry you, and I'm not saying that is what this is, but if this is unusual for you and you are concerned and can't get to your dr then please consider going to A+E.

youlemming Mon 29-Jun-15 23:08:57

Give 111 a call if you can't see your doctor (they really should be giving you an app earlier than Fri for this as in same or at least next day) they should be able to book you in at the local out of hour service or advise you to go to A&E if they think it's needed.
Please get it seen sooner, waiting till Friday is not the best thing even if it turns out to be ok best get it checked as soon as possible.

Let us know how you get on.

Mamamia321 Mon 29-Jun-15 23:39:21

I would just get this checked. I had the same thing large swelling and vein. It was not dvt bu nfortunately just awful varicose veins appearing w hich are common in pregnancy.
However pain, hot, swollen leg all sign so. Shod check it.

ChampagneBabyCakes Tue 30-Jun-15 15:58:26

Thanks so much. I took your advice and I now have an appointment with the specialist tomorrow at 8am. Hopefully nothing, but will get it checked.

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