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Baby in posterior position (back to back)

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sarah00001 Mon 29-Jun-15 16:36:18

Hi, I will be 40 wks tomorrow and I've been told my baby's back is to my back. My midwife advised that I sit leaning forward to encourage her to turn round, but she didn't say how long I needed to do this each day.

Does anyone else have a baby in this position and if so, do you know how long you should sit leaning forward each day? Are there any other positions that you have been recommended?

Thank you, Sarah

WinterOfOurDiscountTents15 Mon 29-Jun-15 17:00:19

I've had three in this position when labour started, nothing I did changed it. Two got stuck but the third moved during labour and was born easily in the right position.

Ihateparties Mon 29-Jun-15 17:05:52

All 3 of mine were posterior, they all turned very late in labour.. Nothing I did before hand made any difference, there was lot of sitting leaning forward over things

DivaDroid Mon 29-Jun-15 17:10:27

Both of mine presented this way at labour, DS (eldest) turned during labour, DD delivered that way, ie did not turn from the posterior position.
My first labour wasn't great - due mainly to other things - induced at 39 weeks for pre-eclampsia, & DS legs were up by his ears.
DDs labour was fine thosmile

coneywonder Mon 29-Jun-15 17:11:47

Google the cat and camel positions. They are good for your back at this stage anyway but they should help turn your baby. Also look up spinning babies. Good luck and don't worry xx

Runningupthathill82 Mon 29-Jun-15 19:36:23

Tried everything I could to turn DS, but to no avail. Was obsessed with spinning babies, yoga positions, but nothing worked!

As a result, when I went into labour the pain was all in my lower back. He never turned during labour either.

He's still as awkward now, at the age of two, as he was then!

BlinkAndMiss Mon 29-Jun-15 21:12:34

Both of mine were back to back, DS1 turned after using the birth ball for a million hours. In labour he turned himself back again sad. Labour was long and because he was at the wrong angle my contractions didn't make my cervix dilate so I ended up with induction drugs and, thankfully, an epidural. Due to this happening I saw a consultant with DS2 when it emerged that he was also back to back. I had it written into my birth plan that I didn't want to be sent home if I turned up to hospital (whatever progress I had made) and this was because my contractions were all over the place and were never going to be effective anyway. I also had it written down that I wanted an epidural straight away, the consultant signed this for me. Although labour with DS 1 was traumatic i felt much better with these things in place, if I'd had those things from the beginning with DS1 then it would have been bearable

When it came to labour with DS2 he turned pretty much by himself, I'd used the ball but after the first time I didn't really see the point. Labour was 6 hours from the first pain to delivery and I did it all on gas and air because by the time I got to hospital it was too late for pain relief. Your baby might turn at the last minute but it also might not. I'd make sure you have a birth plan in place with a clear description of the pain relief and procedure that you want. For instance, many back to back babies end up with forceps so you need to make sure you're happy with the interventions or have a plan as to what you want to happen should interventions be necessary.

Saying that, not all back to back babies are awkward. When I found out DS 1 was back to back I did a lot of research and the number of positive stories really gave me hope that things would be straight forward. In relation to what constitutes a difficult labour, DS1 was actually pretty straight forward, it was just long and exhausting. I hope things work out for you

Runningupthathill82 Mon 29-Jun-15 21:22:44

Yy to making a plan for forceps. I wish I'd researched them before they were actually right there and tugging DS out.

soloula Mon 29-Jun-15 22:20:46

OP I'd say sit leaning forward as long as is comfortable. Sitting and rotating on a gym ball is good too as is kneeling on all fours - apparently they had less need for interventions in the old days as more babies were in the right position from their mums regularly down on their knees scrubbing floors. You can sit on a dining chair with it turned round the wrong way and lean over the back - put a cushion if it's uncomfy. You can lean over a gym ball on all fours too. It's basically about allowing baby as much room as possible to move and freeing up their head (their heaviest part) to turn round in your pelvis with the rest of the body naturally following. Avoid slouching on the sofa in between sitting forward as it might undo your good work. Plenty of cushions for support and try to make sure you sit with your hips higher than your knees.

Skiptonlass Tue 30-Jun-15 07:55:50

Sarah, have a look at the spinning babies website - they have some excellent excercises. Good luck with the birth !

whatsoever Tue 30-Jun-15 11:07:04

I didn't find out DS was back to back until I read my discharge notes from hospital. I will be asking from as soon as they can possibly start telling me this time, as I thought all the stuff that happened in labour and ended up with me in theatre having forceps was just me being ineffectual!

Suzie2010 Tue 30-Jun-15 22:32:30

I did not know we were back to back. All my pain was in my back but being my first did not know what was normal. He was only cause my husband her the midwifes mention it after that i knew it was a bit different.

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