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Worried Dad (to be)

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TexGore Mon 29-Jun-15 13:42:01

Thinking worries related to fatherhood would only come to bear once juniorette was born turned out to be woefully naive. Anyway...

So my partner is 26 weeks pregnant, and in the last fortnight has started being sick almost every day. She's had nausea since almost day 1 of the pregnancy, and is already on Omeprozole for indigestion (which hasn't entirely solved it really) but no sickness until now. She's in good health otherwise, and has been checked regularly by both midwife and the consultant (owing to some unrelated legacy stuff which turned out to be no issue). I'm worried that she's not keeping stuff down - she eats very well, little and often. The midwife thought the sickness was indigestion (because she forgot about the Omeprozole) but when reminded just issued a repeat prescription.

We've not had good service from our midwife or GP (this is in the process of being reported) therefore I'm still concerned that this isn't right, and that juniorette isn't getting the nutrients she needs. My partner has also lost around 2lbs over the last couple of weeks.

Should I be concerned? I'm often a bit too good at being concerned.

Thanks in advance


CultureSucksDownWords Mon 29-Jun-15 13:49:16

Is she able to take a pregnancy multivitamin and keep that down?

If she's eating little and often, and keeping some of it down then that's ok. The baby will be prioritised over your DP, and it will take what it needs from her.

If she continues to lose weight and not keeping much food down then I would go back to the midwife and talk about the possibility of hyperemesis (sp?). If they don't take it seriously, there might be a supervisor of midwives you can ring if you are still worried. There may be a number on your DPs notes that you can call to speak to a midwife more urgently as well.

flora717 Mon 29-Jun-15 20:42:13

It could be a problem with the gall bladder. I had very similar symptoms in first pg.
In my experience the bump does get a lot of the nutrition.
Definitely push gor a check up re the weight loss

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