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36 weeks panicking new mum to be

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AbByG25 Sun 28-Jun-15 22:54:02

I have been told i have an irritable uterus and pre eclampsia. I have been concerned about the reduced movements but have been in and out of hospital a few times to make sure baby is ok and the trace was fine. I'm still worried as he isn't moving much but all the checks are fine. Is this normal?
I'm now going to have regular check up for my blood pressure and baby's movements 3 times a week but I just feel that he isn't happy in there and shouldn't be in there too long I suppose it's mothers instinct.I also 2/5 palapable.
Is anyone able to give me some advice as I feel like none of the doctors or midwives are listening to me?
I just don't really know what to do.

applecore0317 Sun 28-Jun-15 23:18:20

I went in twice for reduced movements. The second time they picked up some movements on the monitor, but I told them that I was still not happy as she was normally a complete fidget. The doctor referred me for a scan to check everythinf within 48 hours. Scan showed all was well, but I am glad that I got it all properly checked.

I would definitely call them and tell them that you still aren't happy.

alittlecloud Sun 28-Jun-15 23:25:23

i have always been told to call the Antenatal Assessment Centre for every worry... I was paranoid they would be annoyed but, they said they will see you whenever you need to be seen to reassure you. They said they take big pleasure telling you your baby is fine, so they would never push you away.

I think persistence is key, but try and trust the scan people if they say its okay... they wouldn't say it if it wasn't. Mine is showing a slow in growth the past month so i have weekly scans, even so the midwives have all said that he is healthy, active and a happy baby. Dont be afraid to call your helplines/advicelines if you are nervous though

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