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Choosing a cotbed, cot, crib etc...

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Queazy Sun 28-Jun-15 20:53:12

What are you all doing? DD1 will still be in her cotbed so we'll need another cot/cotbed. I'd like to buy a crib this time but the swinging ones look a bit precarious and not very cosy (do you put bumpers on?) and bedside ones are pricey. Just a quick one in case anyone has any advice from their own research! smile

Twinwife Sun 28-Jun-15 22:20:15

I'm debating this too at the moment! any advice?

jugglingmonkey Sun 28-Jun-15 22:25:03

Rent an NCT bednest? Think is about £120, but worth every penny. I would really recommend the bedside ones? Ebay second hand one with a new mattress might be an option?

soloula Sun 28-Jun-15 22:35:05

You can hack an ikea sniglar cot into a cosleeper. They're only about £40. You can also pick up a rocking or gliding crib cheaply on ebay or gumtree if you keep your eyes out - we got a mothercare gliding crib for DD1 for £35 off ebay. We'll be using it again for DD2 when she's in with us the first few months. We loved it - it was great being able to reach out of bed in the middle of the night and rock her back to sleep. How old is DD1? Just asking because if the new baby is in with you for a few months then there's maybe not so much urgency for DD1 to vacate hers? I'm due Sept and DD1 will be 2 in Oct. We're planning to leave her in her old room and old bed while DD2 is in with us then when it's time for DD2 to move into a cot she can go into DD1's old one in her old room - DD2 will be moving into a bigger room at the back with a big girl's bed smile

IfYouWereARiverIdLearnToFloat Mon 29-Jun-15 17:27:47

I'm getting a Moba basket for beside my bed - I'll be carrying it up/downstairs daily so bednest seemed too heavy & I'd need to detach it every morning which would be a pain.

MrsAnxiety1 Mon 29-Jun-15 17:29:30

We've ordered the Chicco Next2Me as we wanted something that would allow DC to be close to us, last a while and also be somewhat mobile. smile

Christelle2207 Mon 29-Jun-15 17:44:15

Dc1 has cotbed
Dc2 (5w) currently in nct bednest
When dc 2 turns 2 in august plan is to take the sides off the cot bed then later in the year put him in a bed. Thus dc2 moves from crib to cotbed.

mygreeneyedboy Mon 29-Jun-15 17:47:39

I'll be like christelle - DS is in a cot. DC2 will arrive when DS is 2, so can have a crib/moses basket/cosleep for 6 months and then have DS's cot, DS will have a bed as he'll be 2.5 ish.

scarednoob Mon 29-Jun-15 18:05:00

think we are going for a moses basket (I am so naïve I discounted them at first because I DIDN'T KNOW THEY CAME WITH A STAND AND WAS WORRYING ABOUT TREADING ON THE BABY...... GAH!) for the first 6 months or so, then a cot for the baby's room when it gets evicted.

Lunastarfish Mon 29-Jun-15 20:02:31

I've been given a crib which rocks but doesn't swing, if that makes sense? No idea where it is from though but it's lovely and I'm chuffed to bits with it. However. If we had a get bedroom I'd of just bought a cot

soloula Mon 29-Jun-15 22:05:47

scarednoob I'd be wary of relying on using a moses basket for six months as they aren't that big. We used ours with DD1 for about 10-12 weeks - can't remember exactly - and she wasn't an especially big baby. My friend's son was a big baby and he was only in his for six weeks! So might be worth having a back up plan.

Queazy Tue 30-Jun-15 09:09:39

Thanks so much all. I think I'll invest in a crib but they don't seem to look very big for 6 months! I agree with the point about Moses baskets. My dd was pretty dinky and she was still only in hers for 10 weeks. Still very useful but think a back up cot or crib is useful. Xx

soloula Tue 30-Jun-15 11:16:42

Crib should be fine until about six months I would think. DD1 is big for her age and she still had plenty room - she was in till about 8 months I think. And the only reason we moved her to the cot was she had started sitting up so wasn't safe in the lower sided cot.

scarednoob Tue 30-Jun-15 11:59:42

ah thanks soloula! we would just have to wedge the cot into our room for a bit if she turns out to be too big for it, good to know!

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