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Chchchchanging Sun 28-Jun-15 20:30:21

Bought some OTC Canesten for thrush today
It's my second pregnancy and last time when I had thrush dr prescribed it so thought nothing of it
Then as I was paying pharmacy assistant said your not pg or bf so which I said ...yes (I have a massive couldn't be anything else bump!)
She asked if if consulted dr so just said yes, and then carried on
But I cannot wait till tomorrow to check
Are dr still prescribing and will I be ok-it's the topical cream not peasant one
--my bits ahem lips are on fire--blush
Would be grateful for current advice, nhs website a bit ambivalent

Petallic Sun 28-Jun-15 20:32:30

My youngest is 2 so I have no idea if the advice is still correct but when I was pregnant - the cream is ok. No to pessaries or tablet remedies.

WinterBabyof89 Sun 28-Jun-15 20:34:14

Yep it's fine.. As is the pessary.. But not the oral tablet smile

I remember how bloody hard work the pharmacists were when I had thrush!! I had to get it on prescription over the phone instead via 111.

SaulGood Sun 28-Jun-15 20:35:07

I used it in pregnancy. They don't recommend the pessary tbh but I know people who've used it without the applicator on GP advice.

S2b16 Sun 28-Jun-15 20:43:09

I just got a prescription thurs off Dr...for pessary and cream. Only advice was to use finger to insert pessary rather than applicator (pharmacist spoke extra loud when giving this advice blush)

Chchchchanging Sun 28-Jun-15 22:58:39

Thanks all- seems one thing advice hasn't changed over then lol
And don't get me started on pharmacists with strong projections...

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