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Help for the bigger boobed!

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MissTwister Sun 28-Jun-15 14:18:21

Hi All

I have big boobs, now at 35 weeks they are 40HH. Can someone tell me what on earth I do about nursing bras - they are all soft cup/non underwired. There is no way I can inflict this on the general public for the 6 odd months of breastfeeding!!!

What to do!?

OhEmGeee Sun 28-Jun-15 14:51:55

I'm an F cup and went to Bravissimo and got fitted properly and bought some lovely bras. Even now DS has stopped bf I've still gone back there.

GunShotResidue Sun 28-Jun-15 14:56:12

I bought normal bras from bravissimo and converted them to nursing bras with a lot from eBay.

GunShotResidue Sun 28-Jun-15 14:56:43

a kit from eBay, sorry

MissTwister Sun 28-Jun-15 15:46:23

OhEmGeee they had wired nursing bras at Bravissimo? I normally shop there but couldn't see any

Thanks GunShotResidue - was this easy to do? I have absolutely no sewing skills!!

ribbitTheFrog Sun 28-Jun-15 16:10:28

I think Hot Milk have larger sizes? I've been buying G cup nursing bras from them.

MissTwister Sun 28-Jun-15 16:34:56

I can find the sizes, it's just the underwired/soft cup issue. I can't really not wear underwired. Had a look at Hot Milk and they don't have any...

GunShotResidue Sun 28-Jun-15 16:37:35

It wasn't too hard. I didn't do it very neatly but I was more worried about it being strong!

DXBMermaid Sun 28-Jun-15 16:44:21

I just bought two bra's from cake lingerie today. The licorice twist in black and nude. I think their biggest size is 40H, but the cups are quite roomy as they have stretchy lace at the top. You could also use a back extender if you find them a bit tight. I think figleaves sells them online, but I bought mine in an independent shop.

The other ones I have are the Anita 5035. I bought mine on

These two both have underwire as I can't handle not having the support.

Lj8893 Sun 28-Jun-15 16:51:18

I had a very similar thread to this when I was pregnant. Eventually I just tried some normal non-wired soft cup nursing bras. And I didn't have a problem at all, they didn't give me the same shape as a wired bra would but really they weren't too bad at all!

Topsy34 Sun 28-Jun-15 16:56:40

Royce nursing bras are great, they support enough that you dont notice they dont have wire

nellorr Sun 28-Jun-15 17:02:13

There's a brand called Anita that have underwire.

HazleNutt Sun 28-Jun-15 17:49:20

Yes, buy normal, underwired bras and convert yourself, it's very easy to do. Plenty of tutorials on internet too.

Rollermum Sun 28-Jun-15 17:58:28

I can't get on with underwire now post baby as it digs in more or something. I'm still BFing a 21 month old and pregnant again so resigned myself to a slightly rubbish boob effect for a while.

I'd advise waiting til post birth til buying bras for nursing in anyway and then see how you feel.

Augustwedding Sun 28-Jun-15 17:59:45

I have got the anita bra. Very comfortable and supportive with flexi wires so they do not dig in.

HazleNutt Sun 28-Jun-15 18:05:21

If OP is already an HH, Anita won't be big enough - I think their biggest size is J, and the sizing skips double letters, so it's not the same as J in other brands.

fanjodisfunction Sun 28-Jun-15 18:31:49

I got to HH when breast feeding in the first few weeks. I got a royce bra from bravissimo.

it wasn't underside but to be honest I didn't care at that stage it was so comfy

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