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Bad 48 hours. Ectopic? Corpus Luteum cyst? Miscarriage? High FSH. Lots of questions

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Anon4Now2015 Sun 28-Jun-15 08:40:24

Sorry in advance for all the questions!

I posted earlier this week about HcG levels that weren't doubling and being scared of what they would find at a scan on Friday when I was 6+6.

Well, the scan found something tiny in my uterus that they measured at "up to 4 weeks" and a load of fluid on my right ovary. They also measured my HcG again which had gone up 37% in 48 hours. As a result they suspected an ectopic pregnancy and prepared me for a laparoscopy and removal of my right tube. When I came round I'd only had the laparoscopy as this hadn't showed an ectopic pregnancy but a corpus luteum cyst and that my uterus was enlarged (suggesting a uterine pregnancy).

So now they have said they can't rule out for definite it being ectopic but it is highly unlikely and that instead from the dates on the scan and the non-doubling HcG they think it might not be a viable pregnancy.

I have had a previous pregnancy where I had a corpus luteum cyst (though not as big I think and they never thought it was an ectopic) and in that pregnancy at the same stage my scans were dating two weeks behind the dates that I knew 100% to be accurate. They diagnosed me with a missed miscarriage then but I refused treatment and a couple of weeks later the baby had grown two weeks in size. She always measured two weeks behind what I knew her dates to be, but was born fine and healthy.

Does anyone know if this is a thing that can happen with corpus luteum cysts? Anyone else had one and also either had low/slow-rising HcG or a suspected missed miscarriage?

Also I had a missed miscarriage earlier this year and then was diagnosed with very high FSH and told I would almost certainly not get pregnant naturally. Someone has suggested to me that because of the high FSH I should have had my progesterone monitored during this pregnancy to see if I needed progesterone injections. Does anyone know anything else about this? I asked the GP when I was first pregnant but she just dismissed it. Is it worth asking about now or is it too late?

homeaway Sun 28-Jun-15 12:06:33

Hi, I don't really know but I thought that hcg was meant to double every 24 hours for a viable pregnancy. Have you had a google for doubling rates ? Can you afford to go and see a gynecologist privately as they would have the expertise that you need at the moment . I know that some women use progesterone cream but I think that you need medical advise before you start taking anything. I hope things work out for you. .

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