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5 days late, negative tests.

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Heartbreakhotel15 Sun 28-Jun-15 02:43:56

I'm on cycle day 35 now.

I'm feeling sick, a lot. Major hot flushes going on. Cravings for cheese.

I'm having ALOT of white discharge, to the point I think my period is here.

I'm crying at bloody everything. To the point dps mum asked if I was pregnant.

What's going on?? 3 tests are negative, two first response and one asda.

Heartbreakhotel15 Sun 28-Jun-15 02:44:39

Oh and my hips are sore. I suffer with spd while pregnant, with my second it started at 6 weeks

Stinkersmum Sun 28-Jun-15 06:42:12

I didn't get my bfp til 6 days late. You might have ovulated a day or two later then you think. Try and calm down on the symptom spotting. If AF doesn't turn up in a few days maybe ask your gp for a blood test.

CuppaSarah Sun 28-Jun-15 06:54:19

Well I would say try and put it out your mind. The times I had loads of symptoms I was never pregnant, our minds are powerful things and our bodies can play tricks on is. Late bfps aren't all that rare, but they aren't very common either. Give it a week, keep yourself as busy as possible and test again.

Heartbreakhotel15 Sun 28-Jun-15 11:08:12


I remember with my second, I hadn't had a period for 8 weeks, had a blood test and I was 2 weeks pregnant!

Also with my first I didn't find out until 8 weeks as my periods were irregular.

It doesn't help that I have major poops for the past 4 days which is giving me chronic tummy ache ��

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