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NHS vs Private (St Mary's)

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LillianMakesAMinion Sun 28-Jun-15 00:43:16

It's early days for me but I'm starting to think about NHS vs private delivery and post natal care.

Older posts on MN give horror stories of filthy, bloody shared bathrooms in St Mary's NHS wing. Has anyone had any recent experience and is it as bad as they say?

I'd like to get an idea of how many beds in room, whether there is a bathroom (or just toilets) and whether the shared bathroom is in the room or in the communal areas. Also can partners stay overnight or only during visiting hours? Any experience on what support you actually get from the midwifes or are you better off going home right after?

Like I said its early days but if we decide to opt for private we can get the time to see if we can sort out the money or if I just have to be prepared to "suck it up"

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