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Back pain

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CrispsAndChoc Sat 27-Jun-15 19:16:18

I'm around seven weeks and had to clean the bathroom today and have really hurt my back. I've taken paracetamol which has not done much tbh! Dh has been to the chemist who said not to use heat pads but I'm in so much pain! I can't stand up straight and I've been on the sofa all day. Has anyone got any pregnancy safe suggestions that I can try? I'm being over cautious due to two previous miscarriages.

coneywonder Sat 27-Jun-15 19:43:51

A bath and bed and see how it is the morning?

Cornettoninja Sun 28-Jun-15 09:33:47

Try lying on the floor with your bum as close to the skirting as you can and your legs straight up in the air against the wall for 20 minutes. It'll straighten your back and hopefully allow any nerves/discs to reposition themselves. Another that worked for me was lying on my back, both knees in an arch. Keeping your knees together and pelvis on the floor without twisting, leaning your legs slowly left and right as far as you can.

If you find either of those excruciating or intolerably uncomfortable stop and don't push yourself.

It's not a permanent fix but might help relieve it and speed up any recovery. It's worth considering asking your gp for a physio referral because there are a few excersises and stretches they can show you to help relieve back pain. I'd take the view of you've had it once, especially in pregnancy when everythings softening up, you'll likely experience it again and it's worth preparing yourself.

Oh and cold is better than heat if it's an inflammatory thing so try a pack of frozen peas.

CrispsAndChoc Mon 29-Jun-15 07:37:17

Thank you. It's still bad so I'm off to the doctors soon to try and get something stronger than paracetamol.

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