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Newborn essentials shopping list- help please!

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Sleepybeanbump Sat 27-Jun-15 07:49:15

Obviously this has been done before, and I've avidly read lots of old threads about what is necessary and what is not, and started writing my list, but I have a few questions.

How many complete outfits don I need? I read somewhere at least 10.

List so far:
Vests- are these the same as what the shops seem to call bodysuits? These are worn under sleep suits, right? Would a December baby want long sleeved or sleeveless?

Cardigans - do I need as many of these (winter baby)?
Sick towels / Muslins

Do I need the following:
Dribble bibs?
Scratch mitts?
Snowsuit thing for outside? I thought I needed one but someone said blankets better.

Moses basket and stand- I plan to worry about cot etc a few months after
Room thermometer

I don't plan on buying baby monitor as small house.

What do I put in the Moses basket? Sheets / blankets or grow bag thing?

List so far:
Hooded towels
Bath thermometer

Do I need a baby bath or bath support? I read that a washing up bowl can replace baby bath, or baby can just go in the big bath? Is this true? What if your hands slip? Wouldn't they drown / hit their head etc?!

Changing mat- on basis that soon they can roll off changing tables, so plan to change on mat on floor
Bin- is just a cheapy normal lidded bin fine? Suspicious of fancy contraptions
Nappies - undecided re real or disposable. Suspect I may go for real at home and disposable for when out

I hope to breast feed but plan to have bottles around so dp can do some feeds I think

List so far:
Nursing bras
Lanolin cream

Do I need a Steriliser or Bottle brush? Read somewhere that steriliser not essential unless you're mainly bottle feeding.

Car seat- one with a base that stays in car seems best
Pram/ lie flat buggy - not sure if travel system worth it? Don't want the temptation of leaving them in car seat for too long which will be easier if you can just plonk car seat on the travel system frame. Someone also said good to get used to getting them in and out of car seat from early age. Depends on cost as well- they look so expensive so might try to find second hand pram and just buy car seat new

Sling- I walk a lot and think this will be better than a pram for going for strolls. But still want pram for longer trips out, shopping etc

Changing bag

Have read about bouncy chairs but also read bad things about baby's posture in them. What's good to put them in in the daytime? Aren't they supposed to have time on their tummy? What do you need for that? A floor mat thing?

Feel so clueless. Any advice gratefully received!!

Sleepybeanbump Sat 27-Jun-15 07:50:43

Ooh forgot hats! I know I need hats! Are these normally cotton caps or woolly affairs for winter babies?

Micah Sat 27-Jun-15 07:56:47

How far away from the shops do you live? Do you have friends/family?

I had:

Pack 7 short sleeve vests
Pack 7 long sleeve sleep suits.

Cot sheets

Bath support.
Cotton wool.

I ended up with so many clothes as gifts (I don't even know that many people!). I ended up taking 90% back as I just didn't need it.

In hospital they can supply formula if you need it.

Everything else can be bought as and when. Gave dh something to do being sent out to get stuff. The first weeks are spend feeding and sleeping anyway.

Micah Sat 27-Jun-15 07:57:56

Hats are no longer recommended as babies heat regulate through their heads. Hats can make them overheat. And hospital wards are hot!

ThinkIveBeenHacked Sat 27-Jun-15 08:01:10

Your list seems good. I had a december baby and didnt bother with a Snowsuit. They cant wear them in the car, and are just a right faff putting them on and off in houses/shops.

I bought a thin fleece all in one zip up the front from Next which is thin enough for the car and then when out layered with blankets and a wooly hat.

Wooly hat for outdoors. Thin cotton hat for indoors for the first couple of days only.

I put my baby in the Moses Basket most ofthe daytime as they sleep almost all the time. Also have a bouncy seat (cheapest Mothercare did and has done my two babies). Playmat for lying on after the first few weeks.

I bought a little towelling ramp for the bath rather than a baby bath. I was bought hooded baby towels as gifts and tbh the baby grows out of them quick so Id not bother buying any.

I didnt buy any Bottle feeding equipment or a breast pump. I decided to try BFing and if it failed, dispatch DH to the supermarket for steriliser/bottles/milk (did this about four days in - I hated BFig).

Dont bother with "complete outfits" jist buybodysuits and sleepsuits and a couple of cardigans. Save outfits for others to get as gifts or for wheb they get to a few months old. Sleepsuits are easiest and comfiest. Lots have fold iver cuffs which mean you dont need scratchmitts.

bluewisteria Sat 27-Jun-15 08:02:57

I would get some cotton hats plus an all in one outdoor suit. Can go in sling or pram and definitely be warm and not kick off blankets etc. something like this

bluewisteria Sat 27-Jun-15 08:06:32

Also these ones if you don't want waterproofing

Be careful on highly padded suits and car seats- if you brake sharply/crash then the straps can be too loose due to enormous padding, I linked to these as they are warm but don't have too much bulk.

bluewisteria Sat 27-Jun-15 08:08:46

Also yes hats for outside use only!!!
Depends where you live too? But cold winters up North are very different to where we are in the SW!

Sleepybeanbump Sat 27-Jun-15 08:08:53

Close to shops, but few close friends and family. Don't expect to be given that much and would think what I am given will be cute outfits which I won't buy myself and will keep for 'best'.

Would rather have the essentials in advance and then relax. I'm sure dh will have plenty to do in terms of cooking and cleaning etc.

bluewisteria Sat 27-Jun-15 08:11:14

Also best piece of advice re scratch mittens I was given: they are crap and come off! Either use baby socks which you will have anyway or use long sleeved babygro's which have gold over bits on the sleeves so act like built in scratch mittens. Also baby can't pull them off into mouth....

Sleepybeanbump Sat 27-Jun-15 08:16:19

Yeah I had looked at scratch mitts thinking 'how the hell do they stay on?'.

Right, so need sleepsuits with cuffs.

But socks! Socks weren't on my list as sleepsuits have feet! Do I need socks?

Superexcited Sat 27-Jun-15 08:21:16

Bouncy chairs don't need to be bad for baby's posture. You can buy a bouncy chair which reclines to an almost flat position and is well padded so if you want one you might one to look at one of those type. They are not recommended for long periods of sleep though, but that is just common sense.

A sleeping bag wouldn't fit well in a Moses basket as they are quite bulky and long. If you are using a Moses basket then you are best going for sheets and blankets.

Babies don't need outfits. You will find it much easier to just use bodysuits, sleep suits and cardigans for a winter baby. I'm currently pregnant with baby no 3 and I won't be buying any outfits but I have no doubt that my mum will buy a couple. I am aiming to go for 8 bodysuits and 8 vests because previous experience tells me that less than that and I will be constantly washing. I aim to go for 3 cardigans. I will get a snowsuit for when I take baby out in the pram (winter baby). I will probably only get cotton hats because the snowsuit will have a warm hood for when we are out and about.
If you are getting outfits don't forget to buy socks as you will need to keep baby's feet warm.

The bath thing is just about personal preference. I will be getting a baby bath because our normal bath is huge and it seems pointless using that for a tiny baby and would be a waste of water. Much more economical and quicker to run a couple of inches of water into a baby bath. I'm not going to bother with a bath support, but again that's about personal preference.

Receiving blankets / swaddle blankets are useful to have if you plan to swaddle baby.

Quick question to others who have had babies more recently than me: do the midwives still need you to have a cellular blanket so that they can weigh the baby when they come out to visit you at home after baby is born? Do they still use those scales with the little hook?

FernGullysWoollyPully Sat 27-Jun-15 08:22:54

Personally I like to have 2 changes of bodysuit (yes same as vests) and sleepsuit per day for a week. I get short sleeved bodysuits. Try to get sleepsuits with foldover scratch mitts included. If you can't don't get loads of mitts, they don't really use them for that long and they always fall off!

You don't need any 'outfits' but if you like them, I'd suggest all in ones (with or without feet)

Cardigans - yes. At least 2.
Muslins - I use them everywhere. They make good burp cloths. I also use them under baby's head in the pram and moses basket in case of a bit of spit up and under bums in car seats in case of poo expolsions!
Hats - 2/3 will be fine.

A snowsuit will be a good idea if you plan to have the baby in a sling.

I use sheets and blankets in the moses basket. I layer the sheets for easy changes in the night in case of sick etc. Puppy pads are great for this.

Don't bother with baby Flannels and towels. Waste of money, use your normal ones. They grow out of the towels quickly. A sponge bath support is s cheap option.

I like mam bottles. They sterilise in microwave without an extra steriliser. I'd have 3, just to be cautious in case you decide not to breastfeed.

Prams and slings is personal choice. I haven't bought an expensive pram, it was less than £200 and from kiddicare, it does have the option to put the car seat straight onto the wheels which is a lifesaver sometimes!
A messenger bag will be just as good as a changebag.

I think Bouncy chairs are a god send!! The vibrating ones are fab! True, you don't want the baby in it all the time but they are handy to have. Baby bean bags are good. They feel secure in them. They do have 'tummy time' as they get a bit older and a play mat will be useful. But the change mat is just as good.

Superexcited Sat 27-Jun-15 08:34:59

Oh yes...and you will need to sterilise bottles if you plan to do any bottle feeds even if it is just the occasional one.

ThinkIveBeenHacked Sat 27-Jun-15 08:41:52

I didnt put socks on either of mine til about 4mo and they started wearing trousers and tops.

bluewisteria Sat 27-Jun-15 08:43:07

I found GAP baby socks really great, they never came off! They are a bit pricey but maybe someone else has similar suggestions. I've had some that were tight and left marks on chubby baby legs.

PotteringAlong Sat 27-Jun-15 08:46:58

You only need to sterilize if you're bottle feeding with formula though - you don't need to sterilize for breast milk

Micah Sat 27-Jun-15 08:50:48

Yes be careful of socks- as pp said they can leave marks, which can be permanent on young babies. So I'd avoid.

HelenF350 Sat 27-Jun-15 08:50:58

Sainsburys do sleep suits with fold over cuffs. I was reliably informed that they are better than some of the expensive ones.

Superexcited Sat 27-Jun-15 09:07:03

I was under the impression that you had to sterilise all feeding equipment if expressing and storing milk (pumps, bottle etc). Is the NHS advice incorrect?

With previous babies I sterilised bottles and my breast pump as I assumed that without sterilising the equipment the breast milk could become contaminated.

FernGullysWoollyPully Sat 27-Jun-15 09:14:00

I thought so too. And have always followed those guidelines.

PotteringAlong Sat 27-Jun-15 09:26:30

I was told by my midwife and HV not to as the point of sterilizing was because of nasties in formula that don't exist in breastmilk. I've never sterilized anything for either of my children, although I did/ do hand express. I just wash bottles in hot soapy water.

kettlepot Sat 27-Jun-15 09:54:04

I'd get about 10 vests (shot sleeved ones - long sleeve ones are a pain as soon as they gain any body fat) and 9 sleep suits. As a minimum. Dad lives in the still and means we do a small load of washing anywhere between any other day and twice a week... So not too bad!

If they're in sleep suits, you probably won't need socks (but if you do get them, note; they come in different sizes!). Agree Sainsburys clothes are really good.

Bibs depend on how dribbley your baby is. We have about ten and they do help save on outfits! Muslims are great too; stock up! We have twenty and it's enough grin

We have a crib in our room, and cot in his (not yet used). Carrycot off pram for naps. 4 x sheets and 4 x blankets. He didn't get on with the sleeping bags you can get - although we'll try again in winter. At two months he would have already outgrown a Moses basket, so glad we didn't get one.

Baby's are REALLY slippery so you'll want something to support them. Mothercare do a great bath support, it's ergonomical and about £15. It's lasted us to four months so far. Our baby was too big for a washing up bowl (only average size) but if you want to save on water you can get a Baby Dam which cuts down your adult bath instead of using a short-lived baby bath.

Hooded towels are a bit of a faff, and sometimes we just use normal adult ones (not the big bath sheets though).

We have two. Separate changing stations, one upstairs and one in the lounge. Mat, bags, wipes and nappies. Recommend metanium cream too. We use disposable nappies and it's about £5 a week, and £2 a week on wipes. We bought one of the special nappy bins but haven't bothered with it after about a week. Fills up quickly.

I've never got on with nursing bras and used sports bras instead. Found them far easier, although I'm sure that I'll pay for it in a few years time with droopy boobs! Bought two packs of pads which I've almost used up, and lanisoh is fab. You'll probably just need the one tube.

We bought a Tommee Tippee essentials kit with another pack of the bigger bottles. Came with everything you'd need for about £60. Means I can leave DS with DH and he'll get fed. If you plan on expressing get some breast milk storage bags too - although maybe wait until baby is here so you'll know whether you can breastfeed first.

Also, I'd recommend buying some bottles of ready made formula. Just in case it's a struggle or you run out of expressed milk. Helps take the pressure off knowing you have a back up option in house.

New car seat is a must! We bought a travel system with carrycot and car seat adapters. Expensive but great - will use for number two and hopefully sell on to recoup some cost too. Car seat adapters very useful for if just popping to shop and baby already settled in car.

With prams look at how much all the extras are too- quickly mounts up. Also, our carrycot can be used for overnight sleeping whereas some of them can't (if they're collapsible) and the shop assistants don't always point this out.

We have a carrier but he's already ridiculously heavy to be carried it in. I wanted a sling but glad I didn't bother - my back would be a goner by now!

First few months they dont do much. Perhaps a bouncer chair and a play gym. We have an expensive bells and whistles one and PIL have a cheaper one - guess which one he prefers?! Couple of soft toys and some brighter toys with textures when they can start to focus and reach out. Ours loves Lamaze toys.

You can get supports for tummy time. Some babies love tummy time and won't need it, others hate tummy time and will. If yours is in the hate category, use a rolled up towel and buy one online.

Also stock up on maternity pads and Ibruprofen for you. I didn't have any pain relief at home and the first two days were NOT fun.

kettlepot Sat 27-Jun-15 09:57:37

Oh and superexcited they just plonked him naked on their scales. Bit like digital kitchen scales, with thin paper towel on top. They have the same at the weigh in clinics here too.

She once ran out of paper towel though so have a muslin/kitchen roll to hand smile

kettlepot Sat 27-Jun-15 09:58:41

Oh god *DS not Dad too. Stupid iPad.

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