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Swollen feet - any tips?

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Dildals Fri 26-Jun-15 20:25:29

I am 30 wks now and defo into cankle area.

Any of you lovely ladies have any tips to keep my feet in normal size? I keep them up as much as possible but it doesn't seem to do much good!

LumpyCustard69 Fri 26-Jun-15 21:35:57

I suffer really badly from swollen feet and ankles. I'm 31+4.

Too much rest makes mine swell, weirdly. But so does being on my feet too much!! I reckon 30 minutes elevation, followed by 30 minutes walking around, all day on a constant cycle might fix it smile

They reckon, the wise elves, that drinking more water relieves water retention oddly.
I haven't bothered with compression tights etc because as soon as you take them off the swelling floods! Plus they're really hot, and I don't need anything extra to heat me up right now!

Good luck.

MrsAnxiety1 Fri 26-Jun-15 21:44:42

Drink oodles of water, try to sit without laying back as that puts pressure on the arteries that are already compressed (Google should be able to tell you more), elevate them and regularly move your feet. Mine are the same, not much can be done apart from the above according to my MW wink

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Fri 26-Jun-15 22:01:32

Drinking water and swimming lots seems to be helping me!

Nottalotta Sat 27-Jun-15 05:38:08

I've just started to suffer at 35wks. I found paddling in the sea helped on Thursday but realise that's not ever so practical! Sitting with feet elevated is supposed to be good, and drinking plenty. I like a cold foot soak too, if i can't paddle!

Buttwing Sat 27-Jun-15 09:18:08

I suffered dreadfully with this. As others have said put them up higher than your head. I used to soak teatowels in water with ice cubes in and wrap them round my feet when they were up. Dp would changed then every so often.

Dildals Sat 27-Jun-15 13:28:55

It was definitely less on holiday when I was able to sit in the pool with my legs in cold(er) water! Back in the UK and at work … not so practical.

During my last pregnancy I had access to a swimming pool during my lunch breaks and that did seem to help too Lorelei, you're right. I should get my lazy ass to the local pool. How's your maternity wear shopping going Lorelei?

I shall aim to drink more.

Last night I had the fan trained at my feet. Bliss.

Lunastarfish Sat 27-Jun-15 19:09:06

I've suffered with swollen ankles for years! I had expected then to be terrible during pregnancy but it's only now at 37 weeks that they are beginning to ache and swell.

1) try not to stand or sit for too long. I find being on the birthing ball actually puts a lot of pressure on my ankles.

2) elevate your feet. Lie on your back and rest feet against the wall.

3) use products with menthol/peppermint in. I like body shops foot range. Witch hazel on cotton wool rubbed along the ankle is also very soothing (buy in wilkos - much cheaper than boots).

4) wash feet in cold water.

5) rotate your ankles regularly

I also swim quite a bit and practice yoga.

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