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What are you wearing? From where?

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MrsSnow Fri 26-Jun-15 18:24:54

Officially 13 weeks now . My jeans still fit. Tops don't look right. I can't stand the feel of anything on my stomach, under my stomach.

I've bought maternity leggings but the material just feels too hot on my stomach. Maternity jeans are comfy on the legs but the elastic over the bump thing feels itchy.

In hospital today the only women who looked comfy were wearing loose dresses or dungarees.

So what are you wearing that is comfy and where did you get it from? Essentially I don't want to feel my clothes. Also do clothes that you grow into exist? Everything seems to be cut for your size right now.

ClariceBeanthatsme Fri 26-Jun-15 18:35:30

I'm 33 weeks and have been wearing maxi dresses/midi dresses. Topshop and new look.
Also bought some harem pants from next this week, sooo comfy like wearing pj bottoms, may pop back for more theres about 6 different patterns. Oh and maxi skirts i have 2 from gap.

Whatabout Fri 26-Jun-15 18:49:23

Pre preggo maxi dress today. I'm 29 weeks.

Lemondrizzletwunt Fri 26-Jun-15 18:53:28

I am 20+1 today and am wearing a stretchy non-maternity dress from Fenn Wright Manson but this is just fluke; normally I am top to toe in Jojo...their stuff is just so comfy, I may just shop from there even after I give birth grin

Catinajar Fri 26-Jun-15 19:18:21

I know it might sound strange but clothes from All Saints are GREAT (and also they size big - good for the ego I find, when you're putting on lots of pregnancy lbs!). I'm about to go out wearing one of their parachute dresses and it's so loose around the middle, it's great! Their vests and cardigans are brilliant too, and usually really thin, so good for summer.

They aren't the cheapest but I recommend eBay for a bargain or two smile


HelenSim33 Fri 26-Jun-15 19:49:29

I've been wearing under bump jeans from next and maternity chinos from next too but those have elastic aged side panels in the waistband rather than an under or over bump band and they're really comfy. Otherwise I've been wearing maxi skirts or dresses and looser tops

HelenSim33 Fri 26-Jun-15 19:51:03

That was meant to say elasticated side panels not least aged!

TreeSparrow Fri 26-Jun-15 21:09:53

Monsoon do some nice stretchy dresses

cazzabazz Fri 26-Jun-15 21:17:33

I've just bought some 'lounge pants' (basically comfy casual trousers) from Vertbaudet among other things, and they're SO comfy! (They have a sale on at the mo so check them out!) I've and splurged on some maternity skirts from JoJo Maman Bebe as I wear skirts for work, but in terms of casual clothes, I've been wearing maxi skirts, or bandeau dresses (they're perfect as they fit round the bust but are baggy everywhere else so plenty of room for bump to grow. Have maternity jeans too but I'm not keen at the mo as my bump isn't quite big enough yet for the over-bump band to fit properly (I'm 20+3).

LorryHen Fri 26-Jun-15 21:50:39

I have bought 3 maternity dresses from next and a couple of tops from ASOS. Both the dresses and tops have a ruching that you can't see but it means that the clothes get bigger as you do. I've found the tops are really comfy with leggings which make it seem like lots of different outfits and the dresses are either black or striped so they can be worn in different ways

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Fri 26-Jun-15 21:59:16

Anthropologie are great for loose non-maternity clothes. I've been wearing long tops, maxi dresses and cardigans from them for a few months now (now 31+1) and everything is still fitting great.

Therein2tics Fri 26-Jun-15 22:09:11

Today I am wearing a size 14 dress shirt from sainsburys (�6 bargain) and stretchy over bump black maternity trousers.
I wore under bump leggings for a while at the start but at a certain point overbump started to feel better for me!
It is my favourite outfit and I am delighted it still fits at 39+ wks

Nottalotta Sat 27-Jun-15 05:34:32

I gave up with jeans and have made it to 35wks without so won't bother now. Overbump seemed wrong in the earlier days, underbump felt uncomfy once i had a decent bump. None of them looked god and sizing is all over the place!

I have 3 maternity dresses, one mothercare two kiddiecare. They are great, stretchy and comfy. Knee length. Also a couple of pre pregnancy dresses, also stretchy, like a just below knee tube dress. Maternity leggings and vests from h & m are my recent casual saviour, with a long thin cardie.

Runningupthathill82 Sat 27-Jun-15 07:52:44

Maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins today - not maternity, but there's loads of room in it.

I've also taken to wearing cotton harem pants (again, not maternity) or skirts with an elasticated waistband, pulled low on the hips, with a vest or T shirt. Flat sandals!

IfYouWereARiverIdLearnToFloat Sat 27-Jun-15 08:28:45

I'm 15 weeks & hoping to get another month or two out of my usual jeans but I ordered some nice wide leg black trousers & yoga pants in the Sweaty Betty sale yesterday which should be comfy. I've been wearing maxi dresses, maxi skirt, harem pants etc too but not maternity ones yet.

LilacWine7 Sat 27-Jun-15 10:43:42

I'm 28 weeks. Today I'm wearing a loose-fit short dress over non-maternity leggings (they're old, soft and stretchy so fit comfortably under-bump and feel cooler than over-bump ones). I'm mainly wearing old leggings with short dresses every day, with an unbuttoned cardigan or kimono-shawl thrown over as I've outgrown all my jackets now!

In first trimester I went mad buying maternity clothes but have hardly worn them apart from a couple of dresses and tunics (from Next online and Debenhams Red Herring range in-store). I have some linen trousers with side-panels and under-bump jeans (Next) that either dig in or slip down so have given up on them. I also bought some maternity tshirts but they feel massive so they're unworn too though may come in handy later on!

My most expensive mistake was buying lots of maternity bras and non-wired bras at 16weeks! Within weeks I was too big for them although they were roomy when I bought them. Also never found them very comfortable, the straps dug in and they felt bulky. Then I discovered TKMax has lots of cheap sports bras that are so much more comfortable and supportive!! They have racer backs and adjustable shoulder straps, and are really comfortable to sleep in too as no bits to dig in. And cool and comfortable in this hot weather. Also they are colourful and high at front, so look like tops rather than underwear if they show under dresses. I bought a variety in different colours to match different outfits. Started with a size M and now in XL!

HelenF350 Sat 27-Jun-15 11:02:10

I've mostly been wearing stretchy non maternity body con dresses. I'm 39+4 and have barely got any maternity clothes. A couple of pairs of new look maternity jeans, one over bump, one under (under bump are better early on). Also got a couple of maternity tops from a friend, one pair of maternity leggings and bought one maternity dress and a coat (which I haven't even worn). grin

darcykey101 Sat 27-Jun-15 11:41:56

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

sizethree Sat 27-Jun-15 13:02:49

I found myself really uncomfortable at night, so bought some F&F Tesco maternity pyjamas which I am loving:
Also H&M loose dresses in the size up from normal.

lemon101 Sat 27-Jun-15 16:24:42

Cheap stretchy dresses from boo-hoo, underbump jeans from new look (ride down a wee bit, but better if u tuck a top in). Stretchy tops and a rather nice long shirt from mammalicious.
If you Google 'vogue pregnancy dressing' vogue actually has some decent tips to look half decent (and common sense - not like spend 5k on this dress!)

DefinitelyNotElsa Sat 27-Jun-15 19:22:01

I'm 27 weeks pregnant and have been living in:
ASOS maternity dresses
New look maternity leggings (though they aren't great)
Hush long vest tops
Hush harem trousers
High waisted skirts from Sainsbury's

The combo of what I wear depends on the comfort I'm in that day, but it's become quite the uniform for me!

MrsSnow Sun 28-Jun-15 07:44:42

These are all such great ideas. Thanks!

Appleblossom82 Sun 28-Jun-15 07:55:41

I am 22 weeks.

I have 3 Seraphine dresses (£££) and 3 Purpless dresses (£) which i wear for work. The rest of the time i live in Dotty Ps non-maternity jeggings in one size up (had to buy these at 8 weeks as my normal jeans were already cutting me in half) and a small selection of my tops that still fit me. Also have a wrap top from JoJo.

On the occasional hot day (few and far between sadly) i wear an old maxi dress and for the beach i have bought a mothercare tankini and a stretchy cotton skirt from sainsburys as a cover up.

Starting to find i have to roll the waistband of the jeggings down so think within a week or two i may need some over the bump jeans. Was planning to go with JoJo or Next.

lastnightiwenttomanderley Sun 28-Jun-15 07:56:40

I'm 28 weeks and am still just in my normal jeans blush. I normally wear them with some of the looser tops I had before.
I am trying to track down some maternity jeans but they all seem to be the larger sizes so I'm not really sure what I need - the mahoosive New Look near the office (central london) has inexplicably stopped stocking maternity in store too. APparently they've had so many comments about it that it's coming back...
I bought some lovely maternity dresses from Seraphine which I really like and wear a lot - they're also good for nursing too.

lastnightiwenttomanderley Sun 28-Jun-15 07:59:15

PS Haven't paid full price for any of my Seraphine dresses, £30-40 each but then I wear them for work so need a good range. I did a big ASOS order but didnt like the cut/fabric

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