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Gestational diabetes

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purplewoofer Fri 26-Jun-15 17:21:31

I have had my gtt today (currently 27 weeks) and they have just called to say the results were high (did not give a figure) and said they would be posting me some information and that I have to go in for weekly blood tests. Is diet likely to have caused this? I had a bmi of 32 at booking in but have yet to gain any weight (had a vomiting bug in early pregnancy and lots quite a bit of weight) any tips while I am waiting for the information? Many thanks

changingagain Fri 26-Jun-15 18:59:21

No, diet did not cause it. Being overweight increases your chances of getting it but it is caused by the hormones released by the placenta stopping your insulin from working fully.
In general while waiting to see a HCP, I recommend cutting out all the obvious sugary foods and drinks, swapping simple carbs for complex carbs and making sure your portion sizes are Ok.
I found reading through this thread useful and there is info on diet, etc on the diabetes UK website.

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