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Armadillo flip xt....what sheets to buy?

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cazzabazz Fri 26-Jun-15 12:52:58

My DH & I have bought the armadillo flip xt travel system for our wee one (due in Nov), but we don't know what sheets to buy for the carrycot attachement....we're assuming we need to get some (in the event of leaking nappies, vomiting incidents etc), but we don't know which kind. Does anyone else have this travel system, and if so, what kind of sheets did you buy?

sarah00001 Fri 26-Jun-15 14:17:35

I have the same one, but you know I didn't even think about sheets, so I'm glad you asked this.

sarah00001 Sat 27-Jun-15 11:46:28

I just called Mothercare as you can't call mamas and papas at the weekend, and they said you can use any moses basket fitted sheet for the carrycot.

L0gLady Sat 27-Jun-15 22:31:06

We used a pillowcase blush

LadesC Sun 28-Jun-15 05:19:01

We have the pushchair and im planning to get the carrycot too as even tho suitable from birth i figured carrycot would be more comfy than all those straps. For some reason I hadnt even considered sheets for very glad you brought this up!!

Christelle2207 Sun 28-Jun-15 08:09:29

Not familiar with that carry cot but jl do flat pram sheets which will be fine. Expect m&p will do them too.

cazzabazz Mon 29-Jun-15 19:05:42

Thanks, didn't realise moses basket sheets would do the job.

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