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Car seat advice

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Nottalotta Fri 26-Jun-15 12:18:19

I have the first car seat, the baby one which fixes to my pram. I'm thinking about the next one though and wonder if anyone could advise as i have NO IDEA where to start!

I'd like an extended rear facing one. I currently have a three door car and unlikely to change any time soon.

Any recpmmendations?

Nottalotta Fri 26-Jun-15 16:10:25


ARV1981 Fri 26-Jun-15 16:23:13

I would wait until the time, if you haven't planned this in when buying the first baby one.

I'm getting maxi cosi pebble with the 2-way fix base for the baby one, and then the maxi cosi pearl for when the baby's bigger (I believe it can last until the child is 4, but tallness runs in my family so I may have to upgrade sooner) which uses the same 2-way fix base.

So if you haven't got a base that will work with the next stage car seat, I'd wait. Because there may be something better on the market by that time.

I'm on a tight (ish) budget and although the system I've chosen is pricey, because I can use the same base for both I am saving some money. It seemed the safest system in my price range, so that's why i went for it.

I guess if i have a dc2 I can use the pebble again and get another base, and then when the time is right, another pearl.

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