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Lower abdominal cramp 38 weeks

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coneywonder Fri 26-Jun-15 04:02:56


As title says I am 38 weeks and have been waking up all night with small cramps but nothing that's made me get up and take real notice but ive had two excruciating isolated cramp type pains in just one area in my lower stomach where I would pressure one of babies shoulders is now....

The first time lying down triggered it off and it was continual and made me poo it then died off and the second time I had another one as I was lying back down as if stretching that area caused it.

Thsee can't be contractions can they? It was very very painful I struggled to breathe through them. It's been about 10 mins now and I've lay back down and there's a dull ache in that area but nothing else. I'm worried

coneywonder Fri 26-Jun-15 04:03:59


Sorry very tired

MissTwister Fri 26-Jun-15 08:12:41

I guess the only thing to do is phone MW/ labour ward. When I asked my MW she said any severe pain that makes you think 'that's not right' should be checked out.

Am sure its all fine but worth it for your peace of mind!

coneywonder Fri 26-Jun-15 09:16:55

Thank you I will do now.

All gone though now!!

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