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What am I seeing?

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bestguess23 Thu 25-Jun-15 18:15:28

After a few tough weeks I have had an 8 week scan. It was very rushed so I didn't get to ask any questions. I do know the scan is normal but can anyone help me with what it shows? I can see the head and the beginnings of arms and legs but I would appreciate anything else. Is the baby facing away from the picture? Also, I was reading up on Ramzi theory but have no idea where the placenta is! Thanks all.

Junosmum Thu 25-Jun-15 18:47:32

Placenta isn't properly formed yet. I had a 7 week scan and they couldn't see it, only the yolk sac, but apparently that is really normal.

This is only a picture from one angle (you got a picture- more than I got!). so is unlikely to show 'the whole picture'.

I think the baby is facing away- the dark spot is likely to to neural tube ending and the bump at the bottom the remains of it's tail.

scarednoob Thu 25-Jun-15 18:51:01

agreed - whilst I am bad at this, fwiw I think you have the head on the left, with the baby's back towards you, little arms on both sides, then his/her bottom, with legs tucked underneath.


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