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Home Birth or Hospital Birth?

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MiaT28 Thu 25-Jun-15 15:32:06


I am due to give birth on the 6th September to my first child and I am considering a home birth. I think that I would feel a lot more comfortable at home with all my things around me in an environment I feel completely happy in. I only live a maximum of 5 mins away from the hospital so if I needed to go it is only around the corner. My midwife has said that it is better to be in an environment where I feel at ease as the labour will be less stressful.

My partner would prefer me to have a hospital birth as he is worried incase anything happens and we need extra support.

Has anyone had a home birth? Is it the right thing for me to do?

Roseybee10 Thu 25-Jun-15 15:38:23

Only you can answer that!

I had a home birth for my second and it was definitely right for me.

Since you live so close to the hospital I would be inclined to book for a home birth so you have some support at home and just labour as long as you can at home and if you feel you want to go in then you can easily do so.

Since you're so close I don't think there's much difference between doing that and waiting until established labour to go in, except you'll have someone coming out to you to give you one to one care.

happygojo Thu 25-Jun-15 15:40:51

Hi, I haven't had a home birth, and I am planning a hospital birth. However you need to do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Unless there is medical need for hospital then you should have no problems at home. My MW offered me one. Personally I feel safer in hospital, but that is just me.

A lot of people in my Antenatal group are having home births and I think they are great. Your MW will transfer you if there are any doubts during the labour.

Topsy34 Thu 25-Jun-15 19:48:43

only you can answer that, i had a homebirth with ds and it was lovely, really quiet and calm and i was in control. My mws just sat on the sofa and waited, when ds was born the just left us in the pool until i was ready for them to cut the cord.

I felt cold when i got out so they ran me a lovely warm bath and stayed with me until ds and i were tucked up in bed and had helped to get him to latch.

I have never had a hospital birth but i can tell you its calm, no race to birth, no change of mw. Just lovely

Have a look and see if you have a local home birth group, i found it so good before the birth as they gave me support and understood, where as lots of people in antental class and friends just told me i was stupid

Letmeeatcakecakecake Thu 25-Jun-15 20:02:21

I've had both and I much preferred the home birth. It was a beautiful experience.

If you're so close to hospital, why not plan to labour at home as long as possible and leave the ending open?

Hire a birth pool, they're a lovely big help with the contractions and ypu may find that you would like to push there.... If not, have a bag packed and ready by the door for a transfer!

With my home birth I loved the fact that I was just at home, I could do what I wanted and when it was all over and the midwives gone my partner put the pool away and we all went and got into bed to chill out, eat chocolate and watch Netflix! We hadn't told a soul the baby was born and it was like we had this little secret and people were walking by oblivious to what had just gone on in the house! I was pottering around the house on an amazing high! I'm already keen to do it again!

I think a memory that will last me a lifetime as well is being about 30 minutes post baby, and laying on my sofa in a towel feeding my newborn and my 5 year old son feeding me a boost bar blushgrin

MissMartin10 Thu 25-Jun-15 20:48:13

mia - i could have wrote this post.. im exactly the same and dp is also a worrier so wants me in hospital i just think it would be lovley and relaxing at home smile

goodnessgraciousgouda Thu 25-Jun-15 21:31:17

I would disagree with the majority of posters here - it isn't really YOU can decide that, but should be a doctor.

If they give you the all clear then why not if it makes you comfortable. But if they have any concerns at all, then I wouldn't risk it. Five minutes doesn't sound like much, but it could make a huge difference. Also: you'll need to add a lot of extra time to that to factor in the fact that you'll be incapacitated.

Optimism Thu 25-Jun-15 21:46:37

I would agree that you should listen to medical advice when making this decision. I know someone who went against medical advice and insisted on going for a home birth. She very nearly died and is on a long and slow road to recovery. She was unable to care for her child for the first months of their life. What happened to her could have been completely avoided had she followed the advice of her medical professionals and been in hospital for the birth.

blowinahoolie Fri 26-Jun-15 11:05:37

I'm glad I didn't have a home birth with my first as I ended having a third degree tear and was losing bloody rapidly, close to needing a blood transfusion and taken straight to theatre immediately after the birth for the repair. It was grim and I'd hate to think what state I'd have been in waiting for an ambulance if I'd had a home birth...

RugBugs Fri 26-Jun-15 14:04:37

I'm having my second home birth booked in this afternoon!
I delivered in the mlu first time round and at home for second. There really was no comparison, one to one care was at about 45% when I had my first, in reality I was left to it and had to buzz when I felt the urge to push.
The care I had at home was so much better, even though I knew what to expect she was guiding me and just much more interactive with me when I needed her.
We're 7 minutes away from hospital which was a big factor in my decision to home birth. With the improved midwife care at home I suspect I'd have had any intervention quicker than if I'd have been in the mlu.

MiaT28 Fri 26-Jun-15 15:27:07

Thank you everyone for the comments. The midwife is happy for me to have a home birth as I have had no complications or medical issues which should interfere! I will let you know how I get on... Next step is to ready the house, you just never know when she will arrive!!

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