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fetal growth restriction

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dimple123 Thu 25-Jun-15 11:28:03

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fetus growth restriction

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Posted 1 sec ago
I'm 27 years old. Im 17 weeks pregnant today.. This is my first pregnancy
At 12 weeks I had the double marker test for trisomy.. The result was trisomy 13/18 low but trisomy 21 being 1: 223.. After consulting the doctor we were told that the result considered only papp-a and hcg ( without considering the scan values like NT) for the calculation of the ratio so we got the same double marker test again at 13 weeks which gave the result as trisomy 21 as 1:2494 which is low..
However we wanted a more clear n confirmatory result so went for amniocentesis at 16 weeks 5 days for which the doctors first performed detailed scan before going for the procedure..
The doctor told us that there was another issue of concern.. The baby was small compared to its gestational age... About 1.5 weeks difference..
BPD 32 mm
HC 119mm
AC 88mm
FL 19mm
Fetal weight being 124gms
Echogenic small bowel.
The head circumference falls at 9th centile, abdominal circumference at 2nd centile and femur length at 5th centile..
The right and left uterine arteries shows height resistance type of flow
My bp, hemoglobin, thyroid, sugar are all under normal range... But the report shows that the placenta has fibrin deposition. Small area of implantation seen. Because of which the baby is not getting the required amount of oxygen and nutrition.
I'm really really worried as the growth restriction has occurred at a very early stage of 16 weeks. Till last month everything seemed normal.. The doctors have told me that they will scan every month to monitor growth.
Has anybody has had similar situation?
What has caused the fibrin deposition in the placenta and high resistance blood flow in the uterine arteries?
Is it possible for the baby to get back to normal growth range.?
What should I be doing to improve the situation ?

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