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39 weeks, baby no longer pressing on bladder

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sarah00001 Thu 25-Jun-15 10:29:47

Hi, I'm 39 wks 2 days. Up until yesterday my baby was really pressing on my bladder and was I constantly going to the loo. I was also really uncomfortable and exhausted. Yesterday, I noticed that I didn't feel any pressure on my bladder and felt suddenly much lighter and didn't feel tired at all. Today is the same, I slept through the night without needing the loo and I feel incredibly light and comfortable and again, not tired at all.

Whilst it's great to feel comfortable, I'm worried that the baby's head is no longer engaged which is why I don't feel any pressure on my bladder. I've been cleaning and tidying the house the past few days, doing a fair bit of bending, and I'm worried this may have caused my baby to move position.

I wondered if anyone else has had something similar happen to them in late pregnancy?

Thank you, Sarah

sarah00001 Thu 25-Jun-15 10:43:39

Oh, just to add, at my antenatal appointment last week, I was told that although the baby's head was engaged, she was in the posterior position, with her back to my back.

TruckYeah Thu 25-Jun-15 10:57:55

Hi Sarah,
I didn't have quite the same experience as you, but I never had to get up in the night and wee'd normally throughout my pregnancy. I put that down to her being in a transverse lie and not pressing on my bladder.
As your over 39 weeks I would call the midwives to explain what you've noticed and see if they want to see you.

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