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8 weeks and HUGE!

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BrienneofQarth Wed 24-Jun-15 21:13:35

I'm enormous! Haven't told my work yet (found out I was pregnant the same week I started there!) so doing my best to wear things that will cover the bump. Looking more fat than pregnant at the moment, which feels fantastic (sarcastic)

Anyone else showing mega early?!

Newtobecomingamum Wed 24-Jun-15 21:19:13

Hi Bri,

This is my second pregnancy and I'm 12 weeks and look like I did when I was 7m pregnant with my first!! I started showing at around 4 weeks!

Congratulations flowers

redsquareyellowsquare Wed 24-Jun-15 21:27:21

not to worry you, but i showed v early and am having twins!

BrienneofQarth Wed 24-Jun-15 21:42:57

This is my second, so was expecting to show earlier (showed at 9 weeks with dd!) but not be quite so big! Thanks red twins run in both our families so it won't come as a massive surprise if I'm carrying two in there. Just got to wait a couple of weeks for the scan!

Hopefulnewbie Wed 24-Jun-15 21:47:07

This is my first- at 8 weeks I felt huge too, none of my jeans fitted so I was living in leggings and baggy tops (looked very professional at work!) ... I'm just gone 10 weeks now and around my belly has actually gone down a little bit - not saying il be wearing a swimsuit anytime soon but I can get my work trousers back on.
I think this early a lot of it is just bloat and hopefully eases off until we get the nice bump (as ATM I just feel fat!)

tinyme135 Wed 24-Jun-15 22:16:58

This is my first and I was so bloated at the start like I should be about 6 months gone, now that's gone down I can see a little bump coming where the womb area. I thought it was flab at first then felt it and it's hard. MW thinks I'm 12+1 but I'll find out next week. So your not alone.

Congratulations by the way :D x

Raffertys Thu 25-Jun-15 11:49:51

I'm 8+5.

I got offered a seat on the Tube yesterday.

sad blush

PaperFlowers Thu 25-Jun-15 12:19:50

I had that at first, but it was bloating for me and it comes and goes. Was ridiculous on hols last week and people were asking me when I was due - last thing I was expecting at 11 weeks!

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