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Is this right?!

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coneywonder Wed 24-Jun-15 16:18:24

Hi ladies,

I am using this site more and more now I'm getting closer but something isn't sitting right after my 38 week appointment.

Just a quick background, when I got pregnant my bmi was 35, at my 36 week appointment it was 38 and the midwife I saw (not my normal one and she was much more helpful) said that I would be able to go ahead with my water birth as this would be the last time they would weigh me and that I should be proud of myself for not putting that much weight on.

Fast forward to today and my normal midwife asked to weigh me again, I told her what the previous midwife had said about me not being weighed again and she said "no that's not right we need to weight you up until your due date" I stepped on the scales and I have lost 7 pound!!! In 2 weeks! Same surgery, same room, same set of scales. So although I'm chuffed my bmi hasn't gone up any I'm baffled how I have lost that much weight, has this happened to anyone else?

Also she said my blood pressure was on the high side but she only checked it once, it was 138/88 and she then just said "actually it's not that bad"

Should I be worried about anything here or am I being a hormonal paranoid preggo?

theaveragebear1983 Wed 24-Jun-15 16:46:44

Not sure if this is right or not to be honest. Has the first midwife written anything in your notes? If you've lost weight in the last few weeks I think it is quite normal at the end of pregnancy, although I can't say it's ever happened to me! If you're concerned, maybe get another midwife to check you over, but I would imagine if they were concerned theywould have said.

Jennifersox Wed 24-Jun-15 16:48:20

How often do they weigh you? I've not been weighed once since my booking appointment. I think any BP under 150 sys is ok.

coneywonder Wed 24-Jun-15 17:05:54

I get weighed at every appointment I've heard from different people that this is normal and some who have said they have never been weighed

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