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GROWTH concerns!!!

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Ftmum00 Tue 23-Jun-15 13:42:24

Hi I'm currently 37 +4 weeks, on my 32 weeks checkup with MW she became concerned due to the baby's growth (hadn't gained much weight) she was measuring at 32cm, then at my 34week appointment she measured 33cm, so on my 36 week checkup my MW referred me for a growth scan as she was still measuring at 33cm.
I was told all is well and baby is fine by the hospital. Last night I went into hosp due to blood pressure and again they measured the baby she is still only 33cm, they said this was a concern but didn't run any further test they just put the information in my notes. I don't have another MW appointment until Thursday, has anyone else experienced this I'm really being to panic

Number3cometome Tue 23-Jun-15 14:58:03

Yes, I am 36+2 and measuring 32cm.

I was however measuring 34cm a few weeks ago which is odd.
Measurements can be out.

My baby is slightly small on the scan though, so I am on twice weekly CTG and bloods (I have pre eclampsia)

They have said if baby is small at my next scan (37+4) they will deliver.

Have they done the scan or just the referral?

Ftmum00 Tue 23-Jun-15 15:49:21

Finally someone who knows how Nerve wrecking this situation is, just a referral at the moment. How are feeling about this whole thing? Such a scary situation. I'm a ftm so generally overthinking everything blush

Number3cometome Wed 24-Jun-15 08:59:33

I think I am worried because I think it is the pre eclampsia affecting his growth.

It could very well be that it is because I have a different partner to my other two so he is just growing differently, but I just want to make sure he is ok.

I hope they scan you soon and reassure you!

chandelierswinger Wed 24-Jun-15 09:06:38

Please don't spend too much time agonising over this, unless you're told there's something to be concerned about. I measured big for dates with DC1 and gave birth to an almost 9lb-er at 40weeks... I measured small for dates with DC2 and gave birth to an 8lb-er at 39 weeks! Turns out my "small for dates" baby was just very compact and neatly tucked up (we all got quite a shock when DC appeared and had our bets on another 9lb-er!) The way baby is laying really does affect the measurement, so (easy enough for me to say) please try not to be anxious unless you are told otherwise flowers

RockerMummy184 Wed 24-Jun-15 10:04:46

Measurements, even those from scans, are quite inaccurate so try not to dwell on them too much.

I was referred for a growth scan at 36 weeks due to bump measuring 32 weeks, but the scan showed baby was fine. I was then referred for another at 40 weeks as bump measurement had still not gone up. Baby was fine and they estimated him weighing around 8lbs. I was induced 2 weeks later and baby was born 6lb 14, so nowhere near the estimated 9lb they thought he'd be by then!

Another friend was recently induced at 36 weeks due to her baby 'measuring small'. She had an accident and was referred for a scan to check baby had not been hurt. Scan showed that baby was measuring 32 weeks so they induced her 2 days later. Baby was born a very healthy 6lb 7. I should add that both her and her husband are under 5 foot 6 and very petite, so chances of them having a big baby were very slim!

youlemming Wed 24-Jun-15 13:12:01

I'm in a similar situation, midwife measured me at 31 during my 34 wk check last week, had scan on Sunday and it confirmed baby was on the 10th percentile line so have been refered to the antenatal clinic tomorrow morning.
Assuming it will be with a consultant but wasn't given much info at the time as assessment unit was really busy, not sure if they will scan again but I also have been booked for another scan in 2 wks.

It's the not being told what the issue could be, what the implications are and what will happen next that has got to me, that 4 day wait to see someone is the worst!

Hope you get the answers you need soon, keep us updated x

Number3cometome Wed 24-Jun-15 13:21:00


I agree with what you are saying, especially when it comes to measurements.

Mine is more a case of my last two being big babies (9lb on due date, and 8lb 2oz 2 weeks early) and this baby only being estimated as 5lb at 35 weeks.

Also my belly measurement has apparently not changed from 2 or 3 weeks ago now, and I am on a grow plan which measures on scans every 2 weeks, and there was less than 1/2lb in that time.

I guess it is different for everyone, it's always good that they check and make sure but it can make you paranoid!

Excitedmummytobe00 Wed 24-Jun-15 17:51:46

Thank you all for your replies, I really have been stressing over this. It's nice to know that the measurements are quite inaccurate. I think I may just being overly sensitive and panicking way too much as this is my first baby. smile

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