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Hospital Bag checklist

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SpringChicken Wed 05-May-04 11:29:45

I know there have been threads on this before - have had a quick look and can't find them.
Following being taken into hospital at the weekend i am getting shouted at from all directions to get organised and get hospital bags packed - can you help me with what i will need?

Here is what i have listed so far:

Baby grows - how many though?
Sleeps Suits - How many?
Nappies - How many?
Baby Wipes
Baby Lotion
Cotton Wool

Sanitary Towels
Body Wash

Help is greatly appreciated

Hulababy Wed 05-May-04 11:32:46

I found disposable pants (for yourself) great in the first day or two after the birth.
Dressing gown?
Also for during the birth:- something comfortable to wear that you don't mind getting messed up

Mum2Ela Wed 05-May-04 11:36:42

I took my quilt. Quite frankly could have left eveything else at home so long as I had my comfy quilt!

Sorry, not v helpful . . .

ummm, lots of knickers!! I didn't wash my hair whilst I was there.

Toothbrush, toothpaste.

Mum2Ela Wed 05-May-04 11:37:23

Lots of magazines to read whilst baby is sleeping and its not visiting time.

hana Wed 05-May-04 11:37:38

snacks! mini size chocs because labour is just that!
About 3 or 4 vests/babygros. You don't know how long you'll be there, and your dp can always bring back more.
Diapers - about a dozen or so, but again depends how long you're there.
Are you due already sc? Wow! Where has that time gone?

I'm serious about the snacks

Mum2Ela Wed 05-May-04 11:37:47


Mum2Ela Wed 05-May-04 11:38:31

A nice blanket for baby cos the NHS ones are horrid.

lazyeye Wed 05-May-04 11:39:39

Not your ordinary san towels....massive **** off specialist maternity pads & big ones. You will bleed a lot in the first few days. Sorry - doesn't last long though, well not the heavy stuff anyway. I found I needed at least 2 packs.

gloworm Wed 05-May-04 11:40:08

vest and sleep suit...1 for each day
nappies...1 full packet

sanitary towels...more than you think you need!!
pj's...spares in case baby spits up a lot
definatly paper knickers (from chemist/boots etc)
nursing bra for daytime(if breastfeding?)
magazine or book (one thats "easy" reading) second baby slept loads in hospital

dinosaur Wed 05-May-04 11:40:31

SpringChicken - as important as any of the above - think about what you might want to sit on etc whilst in labour?

Last time I ended up doing most of my labouring perched on the edge of a filthy NHS hospital toilet staring at a filthy NHS hospital floor - there was nothing else to sit on except the bed and that was too high. So if you want to sit on a birth ball or whatever, check the hosptial has them, and if not take your own. I am going to take either a beanbag or a (clean) large bucket and a cushion to put on top of it this time.

As for things for baby - take quite a few vests and babygros because if he/she does messy poo/ has leaky nappy/sicks up a bit of milk you will get through them very quickly. Or alternatively just take a few to start off with, but leave more at home in a place where your partner can find them easily, just in case you have to stay in for a while.

Mum2Ela Wed 05-May-04 11:41:19

I have never really found out what baby lotion is for (apart from taking your make up off!). If you are taking baby wipes I would say you don't need cotton wool or lotion. If you need a bit of cotton wool for anything they will have a bit there for you to use I am sure.

Mum2Ela Wed 05-May-04 11:42:18

You might want to take a change of pj's in you bleed all over yours like I did (sorry for the detail!).

dinosaur Wed 05-May-04 11:44:22

I wouldn't use baby wipes on newborn skin. Ditto baby lotion. Just clean with water and cotton wool. Take zinc and castor though.

fairydust Wed 05-May-04 13:51:59

for baby i took
3 day suits
3night suits
comming home outfit
small pack of nappys with about 20in
baby wipes
nappy sacks -

if your going to use baby wipes at home i'd use them in hospital as well

for u

3 night shirts / pj's
dressing gown
lots of pants hated the disposible ones
sanitary towels
body wash

outfit to come home in i took some track bottoms n a top as my tummy was quite swelled for a while and they were comfy.

vaseline as the air is so dry in hopsital and my lips were all cracked.

i think that's everything i took.

How long are u planning on staying in???

sponge Wed 05-May-04 15:04:33

I went in early and so wasn't prepared and had to send dh for everything.
Nice to have bodywash/ shower gel but I didn't wash my hair there either.
Tootbrush & paste essential. Ditto moisturiser, lip salve and hairbrush.
I wore the top of the PJs only and put th3e bottoms or dressing gown on for visitors as I bled masses and would have got through too many pairs otherwise.
Loads of the super maternity pads and either disposable knickers or ones you're happy to throw away after the first couple of weeks.

For baby we took in some newborn babygrows but they turned out to be enormous on her so had to send dh to Mothercare for tiny baby ones (and she was 7lbs so not really tiny). We ended up with her just in body suits nearly all the time. She was born end of May and most of the summer it was too warm for full babygrows.
I'm with Dino - best thing for cleaning newborns is just cotton wool and water - ideally boiled and cooled (remember you'll need to clean umbilical stump, eyes etc, not just bottom.
Boots were doing a 2 for 1 on baby lotion so I bought 2 bottles prior to the birth and I still have them both (dd is 4!).

janinlondon Wed 05-May-04 15:24:45

Springchicken I had to send DH out to buy more nursing bras, as it hadn't occurred to me that you have to wear them ALL the time to keep the breast pads on, or risk lying in a huge damp puddle. Don't even think about cheap breast pads - they feel like sandpaper on tender nipples. Go for the expensive ones. Also that stuff for sore nipples - something like Camillosan? Mine were bleeding for the first couple of weeks and that's all that made it bearable. And in case the hospital has a policy that you must have a bowel movement before they'll let you out, lots of dried apricots/prunes - and start eating them the second the baby is delivered. Last tip, slippers that you don't need to bend down to put on. You may not feel like bending down for a while! Good luck.

gingerbear Wed 05-May-04 15:35:04

TENS machine if you have hired/bought one.

Warm socks - the hospital was boiling, but my feet were freezing!

Make-up (Touch Eclat in 5 litre bucket please)
for when everyone turns up wanting to take photos of you and baby (a bit of slap works wonders)

SpringChicken Wed 05-May-04 15:36:50

Thanks you so much everyone - what a help this has been - How could i forget toothbrush and paste

Not due yet Hana, i'm only 30+4 but after a bit of a panic on saturday think it's best to be a bit more organised than i have been - saying that i haven't even got a bag to put all this stuff in yet.

Firsydust, planning on staying in the least amount of time possible but as this is my first really don't know what to expect and given my Dp's reaction to being in the delivery suite on Saturday for a few hours and having to listen to women labouring i don't want to land any more responsibility on him - think he'll have enough to cope with, bless him

fuzzywuzzy Wed 05-May-04 15:38:39

jiff wipes... just incase you need to give the loo seat a wipe down before using it....

Jaybee Wed 05-May-04 15:43:16

Instead of slippers take flip flops, then you can wear them in the shower if the floor looks disgusting!! I took in one pair of PJs and some comfortable clothes (baggy T shirt much more discreet for feeding than front opening nighties or tops) - plus I didn't like the idea of sitting in PJs all day and preferred to be dressed. I also took a fold up changing mat which made those early, disgusting nappies alot easier to change. Instead of cotton wool balls I took the large sized cotton wool pads which worked well - used these at home for ages too. I hated the proper bulky maternity pads and opted for the Always Nighttime sanitary towels instead - didn't seem to leak as much.
Breast pads
Notepad and paper - for writing down stuff for your dh/p to bring in/buy/do - they never remember when they get home!!
List of people to ring and change or phonecard for phone (check before as some hospitals only have cards now) for phone - you may want to call someone and can't use a mobile.
I also took a hooded towel for baby although the hospital did give you a towel.
Moisturiser - hospitals always dry
My makeup bag - MIL and FIL would always comment how tired I looked when I hadn't got my eyeliner on!!

Jaybee Wed 05-May-04 15:47:38

Another thing I did was pack another bag and leave it at home, I was only planning on staying in one night, so, if things didn't go according to plan then I would have needed more stuff - dh would have only needed to bring in the other bag - that way you don't have to drag in a massive bag (just in case) and if you need more stuff it is easy to find.
Some people have a labour bag (plus first clothes for baby) and a ward bag which your dh can fetch from the car once it is all over.

Tommy Thu 06-May-04 10:35:27

Definitely dressing gown and/or spare pjs or night shirt especially if your hospital makes you walk to the day room for breakfast...

AlanP Thu 06-May-04 13:37:14

Here is the list that DW gives out at her Antenatal classes:

The Longest Most Definitive “ What to take to Hospital For the Birth List”

For Labour
Labour notes / Birth Plan
Baggy T Shirt/Shirt (useful for opening front ways top or Bottom or Both)
Natural make-up Sponges
Water spray for Face/body (good for 2nd Stage)
Moisturiser for lips/hands/body / Lip salve
Flannels / Wet Wipes
Hair band
Drink & Food
Cold/hot water bottles
Clock/watch with second hand
Things from Home / Music tapes
Change For Telephone 10p 20p 50p £1, Telephone numbers
T.E.N.S if using it – (hire from Boots or Hospital)
Bucket/Birth stool/bean bag/pillows
Massage Aids – Oil/Massage tools?
Thick Socks x 2
Glucose sweets/drink /isotonic drinks
Husband/Birthing Partner or supporting friends/family

Following the Birth
20-24 Maternity or heavy duty sanitary towels (Not perfumed)
4-5 Pairs of pants – disposable netting ones are very practical available Boots/NCT
2-3 nighties, baggy T Shirts or light day clothes if preferred – Hot in Hospitals
Toiletries, Towels – Bath and hand, two flannels
Slippers or sandals
Dressing gown – Dark colours or Multipatterned can be less embarrassing stain wise!
Drinks, snacks, tissues
Nursing Bras/Breast pads
Savlon disinfectant – Clean washing up liquid bottle
Ear plugs/eye mask
Valley Cushion/rubber ring
Birth cards / writing paper/stamps
Going home loose fitting clothes

For the New Born baby
Cotton wool – Pleats are easier than a roll, though not cheaper
Baby Bath liquid
Baby cream/nappy cream / Towel
Sweet almond oil if skin is dry or overdue
Cotton mittens to avoid scratches – only if baby has long nails
Own baby clothes if preferred – they have to be taken home to be laundered
(Baby grows x 3, Vests x 3, Cotton hat, Lightweight cardigans x 2)
Warm suit for going home
Car Seat!

suggested to be packed in two bags - baby bag and mother bag

kbaby Thu 06-May-04 18:47:15

Hi SC. Ive packed my bag after looking at endless list and listening to what others have suggested and this is what I have.

Flannel and also wet wipes for me. Im hoping they will be cold and can cool me down a bit.
baggy t shirt
Wagon wheels(you never know you may get hungry and need the energy)
back massage thingy
Dressing gown
Book(could be induced and have loads of hanging around)
Money for phone/parking, list of tele numbers
Birth notes and plan

Maternity bag
2 pajamas
1 nightgown
Nursing bra
breast pads
Nursing sanatary pads
8 pairs of knickers( I was told not to bother with disposable ones and just buy cheapies from asdas that you can chuck after)
Make up for piccies
body lotion
shampoo,conditoner,shower gel, toothpaste etc

Babies bag
4 babygrows
4 vests
1 bib
1 scratch mitts
1 hat
going home outfit and jacket
cotton wool
baby lotion

Ive also left out for DH to bring. Going home clothes for me and a shawl and the car seat.

Yorkiegirl Thu 06-May-04 23:06:34

Message withdrawn

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