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Gestational diabeties

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Sarahlou72K Mon 22-Jun-15 18:53:28

Hi we were very lucky but shocked to discover our pregnancy at 12 weeks in early January. I have recently turned 43 and was told after my 20 wk scan that I would not be allowed to get to my due date as I have an old placenta and there is a risk of still birth and was booked in for a growth scan at 34 wks to make sure baby wasn't small.
I was then diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 wks, my BMI is 26. I was told by the diabetic team that I would have extra scans and probably be induced at 38 wks due to big baby. I had the growth scan at 34 wks and both head and leg measured at 34 wks but abdomen was 36 wks, weight 5lb 6oz. I have had no scans to check neck and shoulders since being with the diabetic team and was told when I saw a consultant last week that I will be induced when I get to 40 wks.
I am very confused and concerned as have read that not only my age but the diabetes can cause still birth at full term but seems I will have to go full term after being told 38 wks would be far enough.
Please can someone clarify the situation as have been told one thing for the past 9 weeks and now it has changed.
Many thanks, Sarah

PuddlesandMuddles Mon 22-Jun-15 19:57:19

Sarahlou I completely understand your worry. Why not speak to you midwife about it? I'm in Germany so it's a different system, but when I had GD I was scanned fortnightly in the third tri, then weekly from 37 weeks. I was sent in for an induction at 40 weeks.

PuddlesandMuddles Mon 22-Jun-15 20:02:35

Ooops, I posted too soon. I had to monitor my blood sugar after every meal and dd was a completely normal weight when she was born. I was 34 at the time, so some slightly different risk factors.

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