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Feeling run down already.

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hufflebottom Mon 22-Jun-15 16:43:14

I'm 4 weeks, so very early on, with number 2. I've not had the greatest luck with going past week 8, so currently not getting all excited but I've never felt like this before so asking advice.

I'm exhausted. I'm sleeping well at night (I think, go to bed at 10 wake up at 7 undisturbed) but find myself dozing off on the sofa after the school run with dd. I feel drained too, like I can't be bothered to do stuff, so dragging myself up and about to do stuff and just about coping with work.

I'm not feeling hungry, but will eat dinner with dd.

I've got docs this week, more to do with the fact I'm concerned I'm feeling this exhausted.

Any advice to perk me up till I go to the docs?

CalypsoLilt Mon 22-Jun-15 17:08:38

If you can get hold of some Floradix or Floravital; that's really helped me (pre-pregnancy and now).

hufflebottom Mon 22-Jun-15 17:50:25

Will have a look tomorrow.

Just feel so pants. And if dp tells me to get over it I will insert my size 8 foot up his arse. If I have the energy

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