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37 weeks. oblique? breech?

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ScorpioMermaid Mon 22-Jun-15 14:33:54

I'm 37 weeks today and have just got back from seeing the midwife. All well with bp/urine etc then we get to the 'can I have a quick feel of your tummy please' part. This is my 9th baby so I wasn't expecting it to be anywhere near engaged. she had a feel and says she doesn't know which way round it is. If I stand and look down at my bump it sticks out below my right breast and diagonally across to my left hip and I feel 90% of the kicks in the top left quarter of my bump. she couldn't feel for definate which end of the baby was where. she said it's either presenting oblique or breech and that neither is particularly great. If baby is oblique and shoulder first then obviously there's a risk of cord prolapse should my waters break and if breech they may want to turn it via ECV (EVC?) which Is something I do NOT want. There was talk of Emcs, bed rest etc - my heads in a whizz and I'm a bit worried to be honest. she called the hospital and ive got to go in on Wednesday for a scan and to see the consultant and if my waters go then I need to blue light it straight to the hospital due to me having a history of fast labours.

sorry its so long! has anyone had anything similar happen to them and how did it go? I just need some reasurance.

ScorpioMermaid Mon 22-Jun-15 14:35:36

Sorry missed the part where she put the doppler on to hear the heartbeat and the heartbeat was found quite high below my right breast making her think it's more likely in a breech type position.

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