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Third pregnancy - totally different so far

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whatsoever Sun 21-Jun-15 23:21:13

First pregnancy was a missed miscarriage discovered at 12 week scan. In hindsight, all pregnancy symptoms stopped around the estimated time the baby died.

Second pregnancy (my 2.5 year old DS) I was queasy for about 12 weeks, heartburn and acid towards the end but everything paled into insignificance next to the meralgia parasthetica which left me pretty much immobile from 6 weeks until 7.5m, when handily pelvic pain kicked in to take its place.

However this time I am only 7 +3 & I feel about 6m pregnant! Queasy most of the time, heartburn takes over when I'm not, I look REALLY pregnant already (awkward, don't want to tell work yet given my history) and I could easily have a 4 hour nap a day.

My SIL jokingly reminded me that my DH's grandad was a twin and pondered if this could be twins.

Are subsequent pregnancies just a bit faster to develop in terms of symptoms, bump/boobs etc? Going for a viability scan next week so I assume all will be revealed, but would be nice to hear that this is common with 2nd, 3rd etc pregnancies (if this is indeed true) so I can stop horrifying myself confused

Mamamia321 Mon 22-Jun-15 00:07:59

I have been oregnant five times. I have two sons and daughter due in 3 weeks. Non of my pregnancies have been the same. First had horrendous anxiety ended with temination.Second was a breeze. Third was a mc.fourth bleeds and spd. Fifth bleeds, ligaments, terrible morning sickness. And bumps were all different too. Wait and see. Good luck hope all ok.

whatsoever Mon 22-Jun-15 08:33:36

Thanks mamamia321 - and best of luck with your impending birth.

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