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Spa Day tomorrow - 4 or 5 weeks pg. !!!

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mygreeneyedboy Sun 21-Jun-15 21:11:36

I've only just found out I"m pregnant (DC2), but tomorrow all the ladies in my family (mum, sisters, aunt, nana, etc) are off for a fairly expensive spa day paid for my mum as a christmas present (this was the only day we have all been free in a long time!!) I have no intentions on letting them all know.

I know that the first thing I have during the day is a full body massage. I've read up that I shouldn't be doing this. But I'll be doing the massage with another of my family members in the room as well. My mum is very keen for me to have it - I have already tried to suggest I have an eyebrow wax instead and she said no as its more rare a chance for me to get a body massage.

Obviously putting down on the health sheet at the start they won't let me do it. Does anyone know if they are used to this problem - people keeping their early pregnancy secret? Any advice?

Other treatments are a facial (good as my face is so greasy!!) and a manicure - would love some gel nails maybe?! Also sauna and jacuzzi are a no no - is a steam room?

Newtobecomingamum Sun 21-Jun-15 21:25:20

No to steam room, jacuzzi and sauna def def not!!

I personally would make an excuse no matter how upset mum got Etc not to go. How will you get away with not going in the steam room, jacuzzi if they all use it etc? Do not even go in them for a few minutes as extremely dangerous!

Full body massage is a no as well. If picking another treatment such as facial etc you would need to tell the therapist so that used the correct products and not any oils or lotions etc which could possibly be harmful.

I think you either tell them or don't go. It's too risky otherwise x

MummyBexta Sun 21-Jun-15 22:33:44

I went on a spa day with family when I was 6 weeks and had to tell them due to changing treatment, no steam etc plus no alcohol with lunch

Unthoughtknown Mon 22-Jun-15 05:49:14

Can you phone them in advance to find out? I wouldn't not go, it's a spa day not skydiving.

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